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in Basketball you make a rainbow shot

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Q: Who makes a rainbow shot football basketball baseball or volleyball?
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Flashlight campsite cornfield rainbow paperclip desktop laptop football baseball basketball handball volleyball sunshine sunset notebook handbag paperback shoelace superman batman

What is a rainbow shot in basketball?

A rainbow shot in basketball is simply a shot that goes incredibly higher than most, there are also rainbow passes, which are also known as a lolli pass.

Who makes a rainbow shot?

a basketball player

What makes a rainbow shot?

Shooting the basketball in a very high arch. That is called a rainbow shot.

What number is Britney the Basketball Fairy in Rainbow Magic Books?

Britney the Basketball Fairy is the forth book.

What are some sports teams in Hawaii?

The University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors have a football and a basketball program. Homolulu used to have a triple A team called the Islanders but they relocated a few years ago.

Who makes rainbow shots?

A basketball player shooting a shot with a very high arch is making what is called a rainbow shot.

What specified sport player makes a rainbow shot?

A basketball player

Is Hawaii's football team called the Rainbow Warriors?


What is the best football boots?

rainbow coloured vapours theyre 500£

What are the release dates for F2N2 Fantasy Football - 2012 A Rainbow in Time 1-3?

F2N2 Fantasy Football - 2012 A Rainbow in Time 1-3 was released on: USA: 27 December 2012

How do you make a basketball go in from half court?

Aim and shoot and make it go like a rainbow.

What are some sport teams in hawaii?

the college football team the rainbow warriors

Who is the manager of the Carlow Gaelic Football team?

The current Carlow manager of the Gaelic Football team is Anthony Rainbow (September 2012).

Does Honolulu have a football team?

Honolulu does have a football team but it doesn't represent the state or city. The University of Hawaii "Rainbow Warriors" is the main football team of Honolulu, and the entire state of Hawaii.

What were the colors of New York Giants Baseball team?

the colours of the rainbow!!

What is end over end motion football?

Where when the ball is thrown it looks like a rainbow. It tips forward.

What college football teams are in Hawaii?

University of Hawaii Warriors...formerly the Rainbow Warriors...formerly the Rainbows.

How can you join a Rainbow Six Vegas 2 clan for Xbox 360? - Online Gaming Community. Fast growing gaming site, from NCAA Football to World of Warcraft to Rainbow Six. Check it out!

What do you call the skill in football when they roll the ball at the back of there leg and chip it over your self?

Rainbow (Europe) or Pot of Gold (America)

What do you call in a band of colors as seen in a rainbow?

a rainbow

What skating place in el paso starts with the letter r?

Rainbow Racers Rainbow Racers Rainbow Racers Rainbow Racers Rainbow Racers Rainbow Racers

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Rainbow Batter, rainbow frosting and rainbow sprinkles in a rainbow cupcake liner

What does the rainbow mean in the rainbow portrait?

The rainbow represents peace.

Who is Rainbow Ponyta?

Rainbow Ponyta looks like a rainbow

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