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Britney the Basketball Fairy is the forth book.

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Q: What number is Britney the Basketball Fairy in Rainbow Magic Books?
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796. ok?!

What products does Rainbow Magic offer?

Products that are offered by Rainbow Magic include story books and colouring books for children. There are 95 story books in the series and 15 colouring books.

Who is the author of the rainbow fairy books?


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In the book shop.

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At a magic shop

How many rainbow magic fairy books are there?


Who is the author of the rainbow magic books?

It was Daisy meadows

Are rainbow magic fairy books mystery?

no they are fantasy

What is the rainbow magic books?

Ruby the red fairy

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Who published Rainbow Six?

Ubisoft (from various countries) designed and published all the Rainbow Six titles.The books, however, were published by G.P. Putnam Books.

What are some titles in the Rainbow Magic books series?

Some titles in the Rainbow Magic books series are varied. Some titles are "The Rainbow Fairies", "The Green Fairies", "The Magical Animal Fairies", and "The Music Fairies".

How many books has Alice kuipers read?

She has read 1,600,800 books but they were ladybird books her fav were rainbow fairies!

Who is the author of Rainbow Magic Books?

Daisy Meadows is the main author of the Rainbow Magic Book series.

Who writes the rainbow magic fairy books?

Daisy Meadows supposedly wrote them, but she actually hired a number of people to write them for her. This is called ghostwriting.

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Is it true that there is 134 rainbow magic books?

Yes it is true.

Who writes the rainbow fairy magic books?

Dasiy Meadows

What are the Rainbow magic books in the us?

Rainbow Weather Jewel Pets Fun Day Music Dance Sports

Where can you buy Rainbow Magic Fairy books?

You can buy them from Waterstones or WHSmith. You can even order them from Amazon. Co. UK. The Holiday Specials cost £5.99, while the single ones are £4.99. Note: If you are American, the Rainbow Magic book prices are different from the ones in England. From a Rainbow Magic Fan. (PS. I have got ALL the books, from number 1: Ruby the Red Fairy, all the way to 119: Una the Concert Fairy. I am eagerly awaiting for more Rainbow Magic Books to be published.)

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Nate the Great and the mushy valentine is on the Reading Rainbow, 19.

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type rainbow magic book read online that how you will get to read rainbow magic book online free

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Daisy Meadows writes the books.

Who are one of the four authors who write rainbow magic books?

Daisy Meadows