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Bob haro invented the first freestyle BMX bike.

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Q: Who made the first bmx bike?
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Which country was the bmx bike made?

BMX started in the USA, so the first bikes were built there.

Where can I buy a custom BMX bike in Las Vegas?

One can buy a custom BMX bike in Las Vegas from a few stores. One can get a BMX custom made from 'Just BMX', 'Bolder BMX', 'Bike World' and 'Vegas Bike Store'.

Do your bmx grips have to be made by the same brand as your bmx bike?

no. the can be any brand

What was the first bmx?

The first bicycle made specifically to mimmick the motocross riders that early BMX riders were mimmicking was the Yamaha Moto-Bike in 1973. The first official BMX bike, with the frame design as we know it today, was in late 1974 with the introduction of the Redline Squareback.

Who made the bmx bike?

George E. Esser

How are the BMX bike ramps made?

BMX bike ramps are usually made out of material such as chrome or aluminum. They have to be durable enough for multiple people to use them at the same time.

Have GT bmx bike Serial?

yc96050120 what year made ?

What shop can you find a bmx bike?

you can find a BMX bike in halfords

Is a thruster rampage a good bmx bike?

The bmx thruster rampage bike is a exellent bike

What is better a bmx bike or a trick bike?

There's no such thing as a trick bike buddy. A bmx technically is a "trick" bike. So just get a bmx if you want to do tricks.

Is mongoose logo 2010 bmx bike a good bike?

All mongoose bmx are horrible! if you are looking for a good bmx bike look at Fit, kink, haro bmx bikes.

Which is stronger a mountain bike or bmx bike?

it depends on what make and model your BMX or MTB is

Is a sapient bmx bike better than a hyper bmx bike?

A hyper is better

Can you get a bmx bike on grand theft auto iv?

no but you can get a dirt bike or a cruiser bike or a speed bike but i havnt seen a bmx bike yet.

What is a good bike for teens?

a bmx bike

Where can one purchase a custom BMX bike?

A custom BMX bike would be a pretty awesome thing to have. To get a bike custom made to your liking, there is a website called Danscomp. You can purchase the parts that you need to be able to build your own bike. If you are looking for a pre-made custom bike, check out eBay.

What is the bike most used for bmx?

The type of bike that is mostly used form BMX riding are the purpose-built BMX bikes.

Are there any gay bmx bike riders?

Yes, there are many gay BMX bike riders

Is a bmx lighter than a street bike?

A street bike is a type of BMX bike, so your question can't be answered.

Does the Verde Theory 2008 BMX have a Gyro?

No. The Verde Theory is a BMX bike for riding on a track. A Gyro would only come on a Freestyle bike made for trick riding.

What are the differences between bmxing and skateboarding?

Bmx is riding a bike usually a Bmx bike while skateboarding is riding on a piece of wood with wheels.

How do you convert an ordinary bike into a bmx bike?

We used to convert our old Schwinn Stingray's to BMX bikes, and they were extremely heavy, but bulletproof. The bikes made today aren't built as sturdy as the old Schwinns were but that doesn't mean you can't convert a bike and have fun with it. Modern BMX's are built from first assembly to be rugged and strong, that can't be added on later.

What are some careers in BMX?

Bike racing or BMX freestyle

Is a bmx bike supost to have suspension?

No bmx is supposed to have suspension

How is a bmx bike made?

The same way any bike is made. The frame + fork is made out of tubing, and then painted. Then the bike goes away to have all the various small parrts assembled.