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A hyper is better

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Q: Is a sapient bmx bike better than a hyper bmx bike?
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Are sapient bikes good?

Sapient bikes are a wonderful beginner bike for young BMXers.....much better than mongoose but not as good as Sunday

Are GT bikes better than Sapient?

I personally own a 2012 Sapient MX3 and a 2000 GT bump. I must say that I enjoy them about equally. However, if the GT was the current year model, I would probably like It much Better than the sapient. It all depends on what type of Gt or Sapient bike that you buy, but generally, GT bikes are better because they are a much older brand and have much more experience in the BMX world, whereas sapient is brand new. By the way, If you do end up purchasing a sapient, get the MX5, because it is a way better investment than all of the others.

Is hyper bike better then mongoose?

Hyper bikes are better than mongoose bikes. If you are specifically asking about the hyper bike at Walmart. Yes, it is better than any mongoose! The weight is still a bit heavy. However it's a great starter bike for bmx! If your not sure your gonna like it or not. After a year we moved the kids up to redlines. If your looking for a bike for around town I would still recommend it over the mongoose!

Is a saracen bike better than a barracuda bike?

Saracen is a far better make Especially with their 2010 bike

Is a Yamaha dirt bike better than a ktm dirt bike?

ktm is way better than Yamaha........ the ktm 85 sx is probably the best bike in the world

Which bike is better in emerald?

The Mach bike is better because it is faster than the other bike; but if you like messing around and doing tricks then the other one is better.

Is a Harley Davidson bike better than a heavy bike?

It is a heavy bike ... so what is the real question?

What is better a Sunday or a fit bike?

a fit is better than a Sunday

Why 100 cc bike has better mileage than a 150 cc bike?

100 cc bike has better mileage than 150 cc bike due to its engine power big engine consumes more fuel than the smaller one.

Who is better than shadow?

Nazo, Perfect Nazo, Shadic and Hyper Shadic.

Is the kink launch bike a good bike?

Yes a kink launch is a good bike its better than an hoffman

Is a Mongoose bike better than a Tony Hawk bike?

They are pretty comparable, quality wise.

Should you buy a dirt bike or snowboard?

Snowboard because its better than a dirt bike.

Are mountain bikes better than freestyle ones?

Depends on what you want from your bike. A MTB is likely to have better riding characteristics than a freestyle bike, important if you want to cover any distances with your bike. But if you only want to ride at skate parks, then a freestyle bike is probably the better choice.

What is the difference between dirt bike helmets and ATV helmets?

Mountain bike helmets are better than dirt bike helmets

Is a 20 Abyss bike better than a Mongoose bike?

there all junk now days so whatever is the better price go with it

What is the best dirt-bike?

It is a Yamaha and Kawasaki, you can't get a better dirt bike than a Yamaha and Kawasaki!!!!!

What bike is better suzuki rm125 or Honda cr125?

the yz 125 100% better than both best mx bike ever built

Which is better to bike or to rip stick?

An exercise bike is better than a rip stick because of its safety brakes but a rip stick is more fun.

Is a Hoffman's bike better than a mongoose bike?

Well it depends on the year of the bike and what you are looking for. Older Mongoose ( pre-2000) were decent bikes. Now they arent that good so no doubt Hoffman is the better bike.

What purpose does a bike case serve?

Bike cases allow you to travel with your bike when you go on vacation. This would be a better choice for you because it is better than sticking your bike on the back of your car where it is left unprotected. This case will protect your bike from damage, and it makes sure that it will be with you when you arrive to your destination.

What would be better to do upgrade your bike or buy a bmx bike?

Upgrading will usually cost more than it will bring, but it all depends on what your current bike is, and what you want to do with it.

Why 100 cc bike is better than 180 cc bike?

It's not unless it's a two stroke and the 180 is a four

What rides better in snow Dirt bike or a quad?

A wittle baby duckling rides better than both!

Why is learning to ride a bike better than driving a car?

It is healthier for you and better for the environment, and is a lot easier too.