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No. The Verde Theory is a BMX bike for riding on a track. A Gyro would only come on a Freestyle bike made for trick riding.

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Q: Does the Verde Theory 2008 BMX have a Gyro?
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Does the verde eon 2010 bmx have gyro spin?

I don't believe so. My son bought a 2011 verde eon & it is not equipped with the tabs to mount a detangler. Not positive about the 2010.

Which is a better bmx verde luxe or Sunday funday ex?

verde luxe is better.

How much pounds does a verde radia wiehgh bmx?


What is the part on a bmx that spins the bars all the way around?

It's called a gyro or a detangler.

What allows bmx handlebars to spin all the way around?

the fork gyro (if have) and stem and mostly important the headset

What is the best bmx brand that is cheap?

I would say Verde, just got the verde eon that thing is beast and it only 300(+tax)

Should I get a 2011 kink barrier or a 2010 verde theory bmx bike?

id go with the kink barrier, better bike all round, the verde feels to small, the bars are to small, rims bend, stem scratches frame when you barspin, id go with the kink barrier personally

What are the release dates for BMX P-I-G- - 2008?

BMX P-I-G- - 2008 was released on: USA: 8 June 2008

My gyro on your bmx bike flips up and down when I turn the handlebars what should I do?

check for any obstructions on the frame if there is anything get it off

How do you convert a bmx dual cable gyro to a single brake cable'?

Unhook brakelines pull off gyro slam a stolen headset on there then take brake trigger buy a long cabel and hook it up......ride breakless

What are the release dates for Tread BMX - 2008?

Tread BMX - 2008 was released on: USA: 9 October 2008 Australia: 26 June 2009

How much does the verde vex bmx weigh?

24lb the crono in the top frame bar and in the fork tubs make it light