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Walter camp

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Q: Who made American football?
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What is a football American football made of today?


Who invented or made the first football for the game of football?

depends what football you're referring to: soccer or American football? depends what football you're referring to: soccer or American football?

What year was American football made in?

1879 the coach at Yale Walter Camp made football from the game of rugby.

What is the football made from?

By football I am assuming American football. It is a rubber bladder with leather sewn around it and then inflated.

When was American football made?

American Football was founded in the mid- 19th century by American college campuses who studied the English sports of Football( Soccer )and Rugby to create the hybrid of both of these sports.

What is an American Football made of?

cotton and rubber

What is the skin of a football made of?

The American football is made out of leather which answers the age-old question: Pig or Cow? It is a cow.

What are modern American footballs made of how are they made what do they go through from when they are made to when they get to the field?

The American football is a rubber bladder surrounded by a pebble covered leather or cowhide cover. Click on the 'How a Football is Made' link below to read about the manufacturing process.

What are American football helmets made of?

by polycarbonate shell

What material is an American football made of?

i THINK it is pigskin

What is American football made of today?

Leather made out of cowhide and filled with air.

Who invented the American football?

American Football descended from Rugby about 1869. It wasn't until the 1880's that the rules were standardized which made American Football different from Rugby. The rule adoption was led by Walter Camp of Yale University.

What are American football kits made out of?

American Football kits are made out of 100% pure nylon as the old materials ripped easily so much more touchdowns were scored due to those kits.

Is the person who invented football the same person who invented American football?

No they are two persons who made it possible.

Who was the first person to discover football?

No one "discovered" American football. It actually developed in the 1800s out of the sport of Rugby. Finally, a man named Walter Camp made rule changes that made the game truly unique from Rugby. He is known as the "Father of American Football".

What was a medieval football made of?

Neither American football nor European football (soccer) existed in the middle ages, so footballs did not exist.

Who invented the first american football?

1879 the coach at Yale Walter Camp made football from the game of rugby.

Who made the American football?

Walter Camp coach at Yale in 1879.

Why don't other countries play American football?

American football is mainly only played in the US, but is somewhat popular in other North American countries. Canada has adopted American football, but gave it a twist which is why it is known as Canadian football. The reason why American football isn't more widespread is that it simply just hasn't caught the attention of other countries, and isn't popular. The most popular sports in the world are football (soccer) and cricket, which were both made popular by the United Kingdom due to their vast empire.

Is football American or is soccer American?

football is american

How much does it cost for a football t-shirt to be made?

$60.00 American dollars.

Which sport is played on astroturf?

Some American football fields are made of astroturf.

Is Iceland football like American football?

No, Iceland football is different from American football.

What is the difference between Australian football and American football?

in American football they where padding gear and helmets and in Aussie rules they don't need too. Also in Australian football they kick the ball and in American football they throw and kick. And American football is way more violent than Australian rules. In Australian football the field is shaped like an oval in American football a rectangle. And in American football the goalpost is a wierd shape in Australian football it is just 4 posts.The rules are different too because American football is about scoring points by adavncing the ball into the endzones in Australian football they kick it between the four posts.Also in Australian football the ball is smaller and rounder than an American football and an American football is bigger and pointed.Also in American football there are loads of penalties.

American football throw?

footballs. an oval shapped object made out of pig skin