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No they are two persons who made it possible.

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2010-07-05 15:01:28
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Q: Is the person who invented football the same person who invented American football?
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How did soccer become a pro sport?

publicity, money, the fact its fun, interesting and gthe fact its called football instead of ricking soccer its a british sport, shouldn't you start calling it the same name as thwe people who invented it, and isn't football a more logical name for where you kick a ball with your foot, what does American 'football' have to do with football anyway, shoudlnt we be calling that soccer instead of American football?

When did the Chicago Tigers of the American Professional Football Association fold?

The Chicago Tigers of the American Professional Football Association folded the same year they were organized, 1920.

Is the American dream the same for everyone?

Not at all, the American dream differs from person to person, in the end i think all we strive for is being content.

Why people changed the name football to soccer?

To differentiate American-style football from British-style football, which are two completely different kinds of games. "Soccer" comes from Society Football, which is the British not sure this will be fine you will not confuse it with American football which is different from football 'soccer' AnswerFootball is known globally as football. Gridiron or as Americans call it American football is only played in the usa and known globally as gridiron. It is not football and was created after the rules of football were formed. Soccer is merely a nickname for football, as rugger is a nickname for rugby union or b'ball for basketball.There is only one football and it was invented in England, is played primarily using the feet and is the most popular and consistently growing sport on earth.AnswerThe word Soccer started as a phonetically abbreviated vernacular word for 'Association football' coined by English public school students who took the 'soc' from 'Association' and put an 'er' on the end. The same students called Rugby football 'Rugger' but this word has largely fallen out of use. Typically 'an Oxford University student who played Association football and Rugby football' would be described as "an Oxforder who plays Soccer and Rugger". Association Football was coded in 1863 and this is why prior to this the word Soccer did not exist.

What is the origin of American football term sack?

Deacon Jones. He felt that a sack devastated the offense in the same way that a city was devastated when it was sacked

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Why is soccer important to England?

Because the English invented the modern game of football and they take pride in that and the rest of the world loves football to.Its the same for Americans and their American football, they think its important but the rest of the world thinks they are stupid for calling their sport American football, football, which it is not. Plus no one in the world likes American football and everyone likes real football. Its important to every country not just England.

Who invented maggi?

The same person who invented the Simpson's.

Was football invented through rugby?

Football (soccer) and rugby were until the very late 1800's the same game. When the Football league was created rugby lovers took their game and created the Rugby union. American football is derived from Rugby ,Australian rules football

How do girls throw a football?

The same way that males throw an (American?) football.

What was first soccer or football?

there bothe the same. soccer is American and football English.

What organ is about the size of a football?

Assuming American Football the liver is roughly the same size.

What is a down in flag football?

Flag football is similar to American football is almost every way except the tackling. For example, a down in flag football is the same as it is in American football - ten yards.

Who invented the second wheel?

the same person who invented the third wheel

Is gridiron and rugby the same?

Gridiron is American football where as rugby is not

Is soccer like football?

soccer in an american term means football to the english.its the same thing.

Which sport is more dangerous football or soccer?

They are both the same sport, unless you referring to American Football and soccer, in which case then American Football is much more dangerous.

Who invented Tudor tennis?

the same person who invented tennis in the first place

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