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By football I am assuming American football. It is a rubber bladder with leather sewn around it and then inflated.

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Q: What is the football made from?
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When was the football made made?

football was made from chickens

What was the first football made out of?

The first football was made out of pigskin

How is the leather on a football made?

The football it self is made of pigs skin.

What is a football made of?

It is a fact that a football is made up of pigskin, cowhide, and rubber.

What are the laces on a leather football made of?

The laces on a leather football is made of COTTON.

Where is a football made?

It was made in Canada

How did the football used to be made?

The football used to be made by pigskin. Now it is made from leather or other things.

What are football visors made of?

Football visors are made up of the same material that tinted windows are made of. By.

What is a football American football made of today?


What was the Tudor football made of?

The Tudor Football was made out of Pigs Bladder bound in leather.

Why did Richard Lindon and Wille Tidwel invent football?

they saw that walter camp made football so they made a ball for football

When and where was football made?

It was made by John Madden.

Why did people think a football is made of pigskin?

This is because the first ever football was made out of pigskin.

What material is the inner layer of a football made of?

The inner layer of a football is made of pig skin

Should football be made safer?

No, football should not change any rules nor be made safer, it just would not be football anymore.

When was football made?


What are football masks made of?


What is a football helmet made of?

A football helmet is a molded shell of polycarbonate plastic. Click on the 'Football Helmet Design and Manufacture' link on this page to learn how football helmets are made.

What was the first football made of?

The first football was made from a pigs bladder and stiched up in leather laces.

What year was football made?

madden was made in 1922

What material is a touch football made out of?

there made out of condoms

Who made up football?

Walter Camp claimed to have invented football.

What is the weight in grams of a football?

It depends what size the football is and what material it is made from.

What plastic is a football made from?

Traditionally, a football is made from leather. However, sometimes footballs can be made of plastic. This plastic is called acrylic plastic.

What year was the first football made?

1879 the coach at Yale Walter Camp made football from the game of rugby.