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He was a NFL wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys that had a 3 year NFL experience 1979-1981 he play his rookie year on the cowboys recovering for 0 yards but had a kick return yard count of 55 and a punt return total of 145 in his year with the cowboys.

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Q: Who is wade manning from Dallas Cowboys?
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Who was the head coach for the Dallas Cowboys in 2007?

Wade Phillips was the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in 2007.

Who was the head coach for the Dallas Cowboys in 2008?

Wade Phillips was the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in 2008.

Who is the 2007 coach for the Dallas Cowboys?

Wade Phillips :]

What is the name of Dallas Cowboys coach?

Wade Phillips

Who is Wade Phillips?

Wade Phillips is the current head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Who was the coach the last time the Dallas Cowboys were in the playoffs?

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Is Wade Phillips the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys?

Jason Garrett was named interim head coach of the Dallas Cowboys on November 8, 2010.

Who was the Dallas coach in 2009?

Wade Phillips has been the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys since the 2007 season.

Did Peyton Manning Every Play For The Dallas Cowboys?

Peyton Manning has only played for the Colts his entire NFL career.

Will the Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips be riding on the back of a trash truck next season?


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The coaches of the Dallas Cowboys are as follows, in order: Tom Landry Jimmy Johnson Barry Switzer Chan Gailey Dave Campo Bill Parcells Wade Phillips

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What is Chris Brown favorite football team?

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Who was the quarterback in 1996 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Troy Aikman was the starter with Jason Garret and Wade Wilson backing him up.

Is wade manning related to Eli Manning?

They are not related.

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When were the Dallas Cowboys established?

The Dallas Cowboys were established in 1960.

Were Wade Phillips and Bill Parcells on the Cowboys' staff at the same time?

No. When Dallas head coach Bill Parcells decided to leave the Cowboys after the 2006 season, he was replaced by Wade Phillips, who had been the defensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers.

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Tony Romo is the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

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