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Real Madrid

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Q: Who is the richest soccer club in the Champions League?
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Which soccer club is the richest in 2007-2008?

The richest football team is Manchester city they are the richest in the premier league and in the whole world.

What are the three main club soccer competitions in Europe?

The Champions League. The Europa League. The Super Cup.

What is the champions league for?

The champions league is a European club football (soccer) competition organized by the UEFA. It was formerly known as the European Champions Clubs' Cup and the European Cup.

Who does Cristiano Ronaldo play club soccer for?

Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays his club football for Manchester United FC. They are the 2007/2008 Premier League Champions, UEFA Champions League winners, and FIFA World Club Champions.

Is the champions league national?

The Champions League, the club competition for soccer clubs in Europe, is international. Clubs from many different countries in Europe participate in it.

Which is the richest soccer club in South Africa?

Kaizer Chiefs Football Club is the richest soccer club in South Africa.

What is the European best soccer club in history?

Real Madrid with 9 Champions League Titles

Which club is the richest soccer club in Europe?

Real Madrid.

Worlds richest soccer club?

man city

What soccer club is the richest in Italy?

AC Milan

Who is the richest club soccer team in the world.?

The Spanish club Real Madrid is the richest club in the world, it has stood as the richest club for the past five years, beating Manchester United .

How many times realmadrid champions?

Real Madrid has won the UEFA Champions League championship nine times. This has made them the most sucessful soccer club in the championship's history.

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