What is the greatest soccer club in Italy?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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A.C Milan is by far the greatest soccer club Italy has ever seen. A.C Milan is the world's most successful club, winning more trophies than any other club, including the UEFA Champions League on several occasions.

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Q: What is the greatest soccer club in Italy?
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What soccer club is the richest in Italy?

AC Milan

Who is Italy's greatest football club?

It has to be A.c.Milan.

What soccer club is the number one in Italy?

FC Inter(nazionale Milano)

What number was Massimo Pauri on Italy soccer club?

When he played for Lazio? He didn't play for the national team.

Who is the greatest soccer goalkeeper in the world?

Buffon - Italy Iker Casillas - Spain Peter Cech - Czech

Greatest player on pro evolution soccer 2009?

Thiery Henry nationality France and Club Barcelona

What is Carlo Cudicini known for?

Carlo Cudicini is a popular soccer player from Italy. He currently plays goal for the LA Galaxy Soccer Club. He is considered to be one of the best goalies in the league.

Is soccer the biggest sport in Italy?

Yes soccer is the biggest sport in Italy.

Where did soccer originate in Italy?

Roman Italy invented the game we now call soccer or football.

When was DLI - soccer club - created?

DLI - soccer club - was created in 2005.

What is the oldest soccer club in Canada?

Darlington Soccer Club

When was Thunderbird Soccer Club created?

Thunderbird Soccer Club was created in 1968.