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Nate Robinson - 5"9

Spud Webb - 5"7

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Q: Who is the only sub-six footer to win the NBA slam dunk contest?
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Did Kobe win a 3 point contest?

no, only dunk contest

Does nba 2k10 on ps2 have a slam dunk contest?

no i have the game and only wii,ps3,and xbox 360 has the dunk contest for nba 2k10

How many times has Kobe Bryant been to the slam dunk contest?

He has only participated in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest 1 time in 1997. He also won that year.

How do you do alley-oop off the shot clock?

You can only do this in a dunk contest but in a game you can't.

Is brent barry the only white guy to win the slam dunk contest?


Who was the first person to dunk from the foul line?

No he was not, Dr. J was the first person to dunk from the Free throw line in the 1976 Dunk Contest. In 1976 Mj was only 13 years old

Did Candace Parker win the McDonald's All American dunk contest?

Yes, she did. She is the only female to win it, and she did so in 2004.

How you can play with Snoop Dogg in nba 2k11?

You can play as him as a celebrity. I believe you can only play with him in a game of 21, dunk contest, three point contest. You can also create a myplayer of him.

Why was there no NBA dunk contest in 1998 and 1999?

yes there was Micheal Jordon won it in 1998. - WRONG Answer. Michael Jordan won it in 1987 and 1988 only. There was no NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1998 (eliminated) and 1999 (NBA Lockout). Re-instated starting 2000 season.

Could a person of height 5''5 perform a slam dunk?

Yes. In 1987 NBA player Spud Webb won the Slam Dunk competition. He was only 5'7. In 2006 Nate Robinson won the contest and he's only 5'6

Could Muggsy Bogues Dunk?

Muggsy bogues did dunk one time which was his one and only dunk. So yes he did dunk before

In which sport might you slam dunk?

You would only slam dunk in basketball.

Can Derek fisher dunk?

Yes, even though he is only 6'1" he can still dunk.

How many times did nate Robinson win the slam dunk contest?

i think only once but i don't follow nate Robinson on tv. anyways i started watching bball in 2003

How do you dunk when you are only 5'7?

you have to be very black

Do slam dunk contests follow the traditional rules of basketball?

no..because it is only a slam dunk..not a basketball game..

Can a 15 year old girl dunk a basketball?

No, only guys can dunk, girls are too small and wimpy.

Did john stockton ever dunk?

In practice only!

Who has the most slam dunk contest wins?

the most slam dunk contest wins is held by present Chicago bull Nate Robinson.He may be the best slam dunker Chicago has ever had.But still number one player of all time MichealJordan did play for Chicago and he won two slam dunk contests.Spud Webb has won two slam dunk contests too, but even then, he,unlikeNate Robinson,is not active.Another well known player with a close record is the great Dominique Wilkins.Unfourtunately,he has only won two and is NOT active.therefore the fight goes on about who Chicago's best slam dunker has ever and is the best they have had. Karsten Taylor, writer.

When was the Dunk allowed?

From 1967-1977 were the only years the dunk was not allowed in the NCAA. It has always been legal in professional basketball

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Was Micheal Jordan an only child?

No, his brother can dunk better than he can

Can you dunk on Michael Jordan?

Yea and im only 5 feet

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