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No he was not, Dr. J was the first person to dunk from the Free throw line in the 1976 Dunk Contest. In 1976 Mj was only 13 years old

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Q: Who was the first person to dunk from the foul line?
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What happens if a ball hits the pitching rubber directly from a bat and then goes into foul territory without otherwise touching the ground?

MLB Rule 2.00 concerning the definition of a foul ball, found below, states that the ball would be considered foul: " A FOUL BALL is a batted ball that settles on foul territory between home and first base, or between home and third base, or that bounds past first or third base on or over foul territory, or that first falls on foul territory beyond first or third base, or that, while on or over foul territory, touches the person of an umpire or player, or any object foreign to the natural ground.A foul fly shall be judged according to the relative position of the ball and the foul line, including the foul pole, and not as to whether the infielder is on foul or fair territory at the time he touches the ball.Rule 2.00 (Foul Ball) Comment: A batted ball not touched by a fielder, which hits the pitcher's rubber and rebounds into foul territory, between home and first, or between home and third base is a foul ball. "

Did Michael Jordan ever dunk from the free throw line in the pros?

Yes in the 1988 dunk contest he dunked it from the free throw line

When in basketball do you earn a three pointer?

When you shoot from the three pointer line which is behind the foul line.

What is the curved line on the floor under the basketball net used for?

it is a restricted area that defenders are not allowed to stand in to take a charge (or offensive foul). They are permitted to stand in the area, but if an offensive player charges into them or knocks them over it will be their fault (because they are standing under the basket, and the offensive player has the right to land on the floor after a layup/dunk/shot).

What goes on each line of a Korean war era dog tag 1952 line 1 Name Line 2 Service number line 3 does t52 and blood both go here line 4 or blood here line 5 Religion?

First line is ....Last name, first name and then middle name initial Second line is...the serial number of the person...if it starts with the letters US it means the person was drafted...if it starts with the letters RA it means the person enlisted and is part of the regular army...the first one or two letters after that means which (army, navy ect)he was inducted into (example #5 would mean the person was inducted into the 5th Army ect.) after that is just numbers give to that person. Third line is the letter T meaning tetanus shot and the date given (T52) and then after that on the same line is the blod tipe of the person Fifth line at the bottom of tag on the right side is a letter denoting religion (C would mean Catholic and so on)

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Did dr j ever dunk from the foul line?


What is the Longest ever slam dunk?

The longest dunk by Michael Jordan was at the FOUL LINE!!!!!

What was so important about Vince Carter's last dunk in the 2000 slam dunk contest?

cause it was almost from the foul line. it was a safe dunk to win the title.

Is brent barry the only white guy to win the slam dunk contest?

in 1996 while playing for the l.a clippers brent barry won the slam dunk contest with a dunk from the foul line emulating previous dunks by dr j and Jordan in 1996 while playing for the l.a clippers brent barry won the slam dunk contest with a dunk from the foul line emulating previous dunks by dr j and Jordan

Can Michael Jordan dunk from half court?

No one can dunk from half court, but Michael could dunk from the foul line.

How do you do an alley oop on ESPN 2k5?

That's easy you just have to hold x and circle then press L1 when your player is in the middle of the foul line.

What score is recorded when player commits a foul in bowling?

well you do this and that and that constituts a foul in Bowling stepping over the foul line at the lane before you let go

How far is it from the foul line to the long jump pit?

First Response:It can change, but from the foul line to the furthest set of dots is 15 feet. There is no standard for any length after that.Second Repsonse:The distance from the foul line to the start of the approach is to be a minimum of 15 feet.

Who has the most dunks in one season?

Micheal Jordan has dunked from the foul line and has dunked through the legs and did a 180 dunk over his head

Any batted ball that bounces on the foul line or lands and stops on the foul line is a foul ball True or False?

If a ball hits the foul line, it is a fair ball.

Who was the second person to dunk from the free throw line?

The first three NBA players to do it officialy were: Dr J (Julios Erving) Michael Jordan Brent Barry

What happens when the foul line on a bowling lane is crossed?

For scoring purposes, it is called a foul and the pins knocked down are not counted. For safety purposes, crossing the foul line can be dangerous as there is lane oil used starting from the point of the foul line working its way down towards the pins for a specific length depending on the center. This oil is used to help preserve the life of the lanes as well as being a challenge to the sport.