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Yes. In 1987 NBA player Spud Webb won the Slam Dunk competition. He was only 5'7. In 2006 Nate Robinson won the contest and he's only 5'6

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Q: Could a person of height 5''5 perform a slam dunk?
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Could a person of height 5'5'' perform a slam dunk?

Yes, if you train hard enough. I have no training and I'm 5'5 yet I can touch the board. It was also proven in YouTube that a person (using the Air Alert Program) was able to dunk.

Could you slam dunk at 6ft?

Yes, a person could slam dunk at 6 feet tall.

How do you perform ally hoop dunk in PC game?

how to perform alley hoop dunk in PC game

In barsketball players may try to perform a slam?


5'11 should i be able to dunk?

i am 5'4 i am 13 and i can touch half way up the net. if i was your height i could probably dunk but it depends on your fitness.

How short was the shortest person to ever dunk a 10 foot tall basketball goal?

The shortest person to ever dunk a 10 foot tall basketball goal was 5 feet 1 inches tall boy. Several people have dunk a goal at this height.

How do you Be able to dunk?

height, and your calve muscles

How tall do you have to be to dunk a basketball?

There really isn't a height restriction, it's all about how high you can get yourself to jump. Strength in all of the leg muscles and knowing the right way to approach a dunk can help any-sized person. You could be really tall but not be able to dunk while you could be really short but have a lot of jumping ability and can dunk. i am 10 i am "5 3' and am 120 i can almost dunk a 8 footer so i would say 5'8 but im going through a growth spurt.

Can nate Robinson dunk?

yes he could dunk

Who was exactly the first person to dunk?

Do you know who was exactly thw first person to dunk?

Can a 400 pound guy dunk on a goal?

Yes. It depends only on height and vertical leap of this guy. Shaq was around 350 lb if I remember good, and he could dunk easily.

How would you use the word height in a sentence?

"His height was a factor in his ability to dunk a basketball."

At what height should I be able to dunk?

You should be able to dunk at 5 feet 10 inches tall. This, however, is a good height but it's not a rule. Remember, Spud Webb was extremely short, however, he was able to dunk.

First person to dunk in the NBA?

The first person to dunk in the NBA was the Oklahoma's Bob Kurland in 1945.

What is the height of a hoop for a slam dunk contest?

11 feet

What is the height of a 4th graders basketball goal?

to do a slam dunk

How high is the NBA dunk contest basket?

The height of the basket is the same height as the regulation baskets

Could Muggsy Bogues Dunk?

Muggsy bogues did dunk one time which was his one and only dunk. So yes he did dunk before

NBA live 07 to perform alley oop Slam dunk PC?

how to throw an alley hoop dunk in PC games

Did Michael Jordan dunk from halfcourt?

No one can dunk from half court, but Michael could dunk from the foul line.

How tall for a teen age boy to slam dunk?

There is no specific height. You could be really short but jump high while you could be really tall and hardly jump.

How tall should I be to be able to dunk?

No minimum height applies, its all dependent on the height of your vertical jump

How does a player perform a slam-dunk?

where a player shoots the ball through the hoop.

Could Tyrone Bogues dunk?


Who was the first person to dunk from the foul line?

No he was not, Dr. J was the first person to dunk from the Free throw line in the 1976 Dunk Contest. In 1976 Mj was only 13 years old