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Louis Saha

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Q: Who is the only player to have won the premier league champions league the championship and was a world cup runner up?
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Which player has won English premier league FA cup league cup Champions league world cup and European championship?

Thiery Henry

Which player has won the world cup champions league premier league fa cup and European championship?

It is Theirry Henry with arsenal and Barcelona and France.

Which player has Won champions league uefa cup premier league and scottish premier league and still plays?

Chelsea are the best in the premier league

What premier league football player has won the champions league has been relegated from and promoted to the premier league?

David Beckham

Which player has won fa cup and champions league but not the premier league?

pepe riena

Which player has won the Champions League the Premier League the World Cup and the European Cup?


What player has won world cup champions league premier league scottish?

Basil Boli

Which player has won the fa cup the premier league the champions league the league cup and the uefa cup he has been relegated dut never played in the championship but still plays in the premiership?

kanu never won the league cup