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Q: What premier league football player has won the champions league has been relegated from and promoted to the premier league?
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What five premier league football teams have been promoted and not relegated into the premier league?

arsenal,man united, chelsea, liverpool and newcastle united

Which team have been relegated from premier league the most times?

sunderland I believe the answer is Crystal Palace (Sunderland have been promoted 4 and relegated 3 in the premier; Crystal Palace have been promoted 3 and relegated 4). Crystal Palace FC They hold the record of being relegated and promoted on 4 separate occasions, but West Brom is trying to break this rcord :-)

When did everton football club relegated in the premier league?


What 3 teams have been promoted to the premier league and not been relegated?

If you mean in the same year, then Bolton, Blackburn and Fulham were all promoted in 2001 and all have not been relegated since (as of 2011)

What premier league footballer has won the the premiership fa cup champions league uefa cup and been relegated from the premier league?

Nwankwo Kanu of Nigeria won the Champions League with Ajax, the UEFA Cup with Inter Milan, the Premier League with Arsenal, was relegated with West Bromwich Albion.

Players that have won the premier league and the champions league and got relegated from the premier league?

Andy cole Dwight yorke AndersonNicky Butt and Nwankwo Kanu.Andy Cole won the Champions League and Premier League with Manchester United but was never relegated from the Premier League.Nwankwo Kanu won the Champions League with Ajax and The Premiership with Arsenal before he got relegated from the Premiership while he was at West Bromich Albion.Nicky Butt won a Champions League medal with Manchester United and he won the Premier League with Manchester United, He was relegated whilst playing with Newcastle United.carrick, butt, teddy, berg, Irwin, kanu, yorke, greening, cole

Has Newcastle Football club ever relegated from the English premier league?

Yes Newcatle was relegated in the years gone by.

Which 4 footballers have won the premier league along with he champions league and have also been relegated from the premier league before?

kanu ajax champions league, inter uefa cup arsenal league west bromwich relegated currently plays Portsmouth

Have Arsenal Football club ever been relegated from the English Premier league?

Arsenal FC have never been relegated from the Premier League but were relegated to the then Fourth Division (modern League Two) in 1913.

What two Premier League football teams have been relegated and promoted back into the premier league the following year twice?

Sunderland and Bolton nottingham forest have also done it.Went down in 93,back up in 94,went down again in 97 and promoted in 98.

Which player has won the premier league the champions league and has been relegated?

Ruud Van Nistelrooij Kanu!

Which football team has been promoted and relegated the most times?

In the Premier League, there are 3 teams that have been in the championship and that they came back, Sunderland, Manchester City and West Brom.

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