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pepe riena

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Q: Which player has won fa cup and champions league but not the premier league?
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Which player has won the Champions League the Premier League the World Cup and the European Cup?


Which premier league player has won the premier league fa cup and champions league with 3 clubs?

The answer is Kanu - Premiership with Arsenal, FA Cup with Portsmouth and Champions League with Ajax.

Which player has Won champions league uefa cup premier league and scottish premier league and still plays?

Chelsea are the best in the premier league

Who is the only player to have won uefa cup champions league premier league fa cup and been relegated from premier league?

Steve Bruce ??

What player has won world cup champions league premier league scottish?

Basil Boli

Which player has won the fa cup the premier league the champions league and the uefa cup?

Paulo Ferreira and Ricardo Carvalho

Which player has won the premier league fa cup champions league uefa cup and has been relegated from the premiership?


Which player has won English premier league FA cup league cup Champions league world cup and European championship?

Thiery Henry

Which football player in the premier league at the moment has won the fa cup champions league world cup uefa cup?

Juliano Belletti has won the FA Cup, Champions League and the World Cup, but he hasn't won the Uefa Cup. I don't think there's any current player in the Premier League which fits that bill.

Which player has scored a hat-rick in the premier league champions league and fa cup?

yossi benayoun

Which former premier league star has won the premier league the fa cup the carling cup the champions league and has also been relegated out of the premiership as a player?

Abdullah Ahmed

Which player won the premier league champions league uefa cup fa cup got relegated from the premier league and he is now back playing in the premier league?

Nwankwo Kanu - won the premier league and fa cup with Arsenal. won the uefa cup with internazionale, won the champions league with ajax, got relegated with west brom and now is back in the premiership with portsmouth

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