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Cale Yarborough

The only NASCAR Winston Cup driver to win three consecutive championships (1976, '77 and '78), Cale Yarborough earned 83 NASCAR Winston Cup victories and 70 pole positions in a career that spanned four decades. His win total places him fifth on the all-time list, and his pole position total is the third-most in NASCAR Winston Cup history.

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Q: Who is the only driver to win 3 consecutive Winston cup championships?
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Who won the Winston Cup Series in 1976?

Cale Yarborough won his first of three in a row Sprint Car Championships in 1976. He is still the only driver to do that.

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Who is the only Nascar driver to have 10 consecutive wins?

Richard Petty.

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Who is the only driver in the same year to be the Busch Series Champion and the Winston Cup Rookie of the Year winner?

In 2001, Kevin Harvick became the first and only driver to win both the Busch Series Championship and the Winston Cup Series Rookie of the Year Award in the same season.

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Who has the most consecutive championship wins in Nascar?

Only one driver has ever won three consecutive championships in NASCAR's premier series: Cale Yarborough. However, Jimmie Johnson is in a position to match Yarborough's feat with another title in 2008. Jimmie Johnson tied Cale Yarborough's record in 2008. He surpassed it in 2009, by winning his fourth consecutive championship. Johnson went on to win his fifth consecutive championship in 2010. His streak came to an end in 2011 when Tony Stewart won the title.

How many Nascar drivers have won four straight championships in a row?

Jimmie Johnson is the only Nascar driver to have won four and now five championships in a row. He has won the title from 2006-2010.

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How many Winston or Nextel Cup championships did Richard Petty win?

Lots of people think it was "7" - wrong! Richard Petty only had 3 Winston Cup Championships , the others were Grand National and others. I must honorably disagree. Richard Petty won Won 7 WCS, (Winston Cup Series) Championships: 1964, '67, '71, '72, '74, '75, '79. Call it Grand National, or what you want. It was the only stock car racing series at the time he won them. The named changed but it was still Winston Cup. He was racing with the best of the best in every single race. You are just splitting hairs with your answer.Note that Jeff Gordon no longer has 4 Winston Cup Championships, but 4 NEXTEL Cup championships. Appeasing the sponsor. The same happened when Winston took over completely in 1973. So, the correct answer is either 4 Grand National, 7 Winston Cups, or 7 Nextel Cups. Depends on what time frame one wants to use. For me, its still the World 600 (not the Coca-Cola 600) and the Firecracker 400 (not the Pepsi 400). ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I must disagree with that. This past Sunday 2/18/2007 Jeff Gordon was interviewed and he stated, "When I go home I see Winston Cups, not Nextel Cups, I'd like to get a Nextel Cup." So it's pretty clear that even though the sponsor might change, the wording on the cup never will, so Richard Petty only has 3 Winston Cups Once a Series sponsor takes over, the series is then named after that sponsor AND the sponsor then has rights to the series previous to them in name and the record books. Therefore, all the above answers are correct, depending on how you look at it. Most NASCAR insiders will tell you Petty had 7 Nextel Cup Championships even though the trophies will say something different.The answer to this question is 7. Jeff Gordon is only 3 championships away from tying Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr with 7 championships. It DOES NOT matter what the series is called. The number of championships always stay with the series no matter what their name changes to. You supposed NASCAR fans do not have a clue what your talking about.

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Which Nascar driver won the Cup Series championship five times?

Jimmie Johnson is the only Nascar driver to win the Cup Series championship five times. Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr. won seven championships each.