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The number one of swimming would be Micheal Phelpes

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โˆ™ 2011-06-12 15:27:40
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Q: Who is the number one of swimming?
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What is the number one swimming team in the would?

paww swimming!!!

What number is swimming ranked?

Swimming is ranked number one in the united states. Soccor is about number 3. and i dont know what number 2 is though. In the UK Male swimming is ranked No 1 and Female swimming is No 2

What is the average number of swimming pools in the US?

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What is the preposition in Marcos went swimming with his best friend?

With(I am 100% correct on this one)

Can swimming be bad?

Swimming in polluted water can be bad for one's health.

How many people can be in a swimming team?

Any number of people can be on a swimming team. The number depends on the size of the pool and the times that the team is allowed to practice.

What is the phone number of the Warner Park Swimming Pool in Chattanooga Tennessee?

The phone number of the Warner Park Swimming Pool is: 423-697-1322.

What is the number in five swimming guitar and pumpkin?

The only number in that phrase is "five".

What is special about underwater swimming?

There are quite a number of various aspects of underwater swimming that would cause some to consider it to be special. One specialty is the ability to see other things swimming under the water such as fish. Another is the weightless feeling which many enjoy.

Where can one find a swimming club in Miami?

One can find a swimming club in Miami by going online to Miami Swimming Club. It is a website that shows the visitors all the locations of swimming clubs in Miami.

What is the phone number of the International Swimming Hall Of Fame in Ft Lauderdale Florida?

The phone number of the International Swimming Hall Of Fame is: 305-462-6536.

Can swimming get you abs?

absolutley, swimming is one of the best total body workouts there is.

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