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There are quite a number of various aspects of underwater swimming that would cause some to consider it to be special. One specialty is the ability to see other things swimming under the water such as fish. Another is the weightless feeling which many enjoy.

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Q: What is special about underwater swimming?
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Do penguins fly underwater or is it just swimming?

No they just swin they do not fly underwater

How does swimming help stress?

you concentrate on swimming and your breathing and your posture (to not drop underwater)

What is the best ocean hunter in World of Warcraft?

There is a such thing as ocean hunting in WOW its just not called ocean hunting. its called swimming underwater beating up everything you find. There is a hunter class, but they have no special abilities regarding water, nor special underwater pets.

Do geese swim underwater?

A group of ducks called diving ducks swim underwater. Mallards can swim underwater if threated. Geese do no underwater swimming.

Which bird can fly underwater?

No bird can fly underwater, it would be swimming. An example would be a duck.

What birds fly underwater?

Technically, nothing flies underwater. If a creature is moving underwater that is called swimming. Penguins are very good at it.

A cylinder of compressed air for underwater swimming?

Don't understand

Do platypuses get lost in the water?

Of course not. They are designed for underwater swimming.

What are the five events of swimming?

free style,back stroke, butterfly, breast stroke and underwater swimming

What happens if you open your eyes underwater in the swimming pool?

It may get bloodshot. Everything is blurry underwater without goggles.

What is the World Record for underwater swimming in a 50m pool?

I could swim 100m in one breath underwater when I was 12

Is underwater considered a noun?

No, the compound word 'underwater' is an adjective or an adverb. Examples:Our botany class is studying underwater plants. (adjective)Our swimming class is learning to swim underwater. (adverb)

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