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christiano Ronaldo!!

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Q: Who is the highest paid player in the Premiership league 2009?
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Who is highest goals scorer in premiership in 2009?

Nicholas Anelka

Who won the last premier league in 09?

Manchester United won the Premiership in 2009.

Who is the highest paid Major League Baseball player in 2009?

According to the Data from Cot's Baseball Contracts, the player with the highest salary is Alex Rodriguez, who will make around $32.8 million during the 2009 MLB season.

Who was second premiership in 2009?

No one. However, if you are referring to the 'Premier league' then Liverpool finished second.

Who is Arsenal's highest paid player in 2009?

Arsenals highest paid player in 2009 is adeybayor

Who is the oldest player playing in the premiership?

Jens Lehmann who is 40 in November 10th 2009

What premiership player has not missed a game in the 2008 2009 season?

b rad freidl

Who is going to win the afl premiership for 2009?

collingwood will win the afl premiership for 2009?

How many goals did Robin van Persie score in the Premiership in the 2009-10 season?

Robin van Persie scored 9 goals in the Premier League in the 2009-10 season - finishing as Arsenal's third-highest scorer behind Cesc Fabregas and Andrei Arshavin.

Who was the highest paid PSL soccer player in 2009-2010?

Samuel Eto'o was the highest paid player.

Who is the highest baseball player for 2009?

Alex Rodriguez

What is the Highest points tally for Liverpool in premiership?

Liverpool gained 82 points in the 2005/2006 season being their highest total since the premiership began, although with 2 games left of the 2008/2009 season and standing on 80 points it is possible for them to finish on 86 points.

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