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Since it was changed from the old Div1 to the Premier League Ryan Giggs is the only player to score in every season including this season 2008/2009. He has scored all these goals for Manchester United.

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Q: Which footballer has scored in every year of the premiership?
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What players have scored each year of the premiership?

Ryan Giggs the Welsh footballer has scored each year in the E.P.L.

What year did the Adelaide Crows win their first premiership?

Every premiership when AFL started

How many goals has steven Gerrard scored this season so far in the premiership?

Steven Gerrard has scored 4 Premier League Goals this year

How much does an average footballer earn per year in Britain?

Sorry i don't have a definitive answer for you. Also, you have not specified whether you meant just in the premiership, or throughout every division in the country. I would estimate that the average footballer in the premiership earns around £25,000 per week. This would not include the whole reserve squad etc, just ones playing and on the bench. In the lower leagues such as the conference, they may be earning around £500 per week.

How many goals did George Weah score with AC Milan?

King George weah scored 43 goals for a.c. Milan, he is the only black footballer to win f.i.F.A footballer of the year.

What year did the premiership start?

The year The Premiership started was on February 20, 1992. The Premiership was the replacement for the Old First Division.

How many goals did Ian Rush score in the premiership?

The English Premier League was formed in February 1992, so Ian Rush technically scored only five goals in the premiership. From 1980-1996, Rush scored 243 goals for Chester City and Liverpool. He also scored seven goals during his year at Juventus. His total tally of goals in his football career is 254 goals.

Who has scored 30 goals in the premiership?

Super Kevin Phillips for Sunderland - 1999 - 2000 - 30 league goals. He also won the European Golden Boot that year

What year did the English football premiership start?

what year did the premiership begin?what year did the premiership begin?Answer1992/93 season. The first Premier League champions were Manchester United F.C.

Is Rooney better than messi?

No Messi is better, we must remember that Messi has won both the European footballer of the year and also F.I.F.A player of the year, and has also scored goals every year , sack full of them Rooney has failed to score since March 2010.And Rooney has not won these titles either.

Who was the world footballer of the year in 1970?

The World Footballer of the Year award only began in 1991, so there was no Word Footballer of the Year in 1970.

When was Oceania Footballer of the Year created?

Oceania Footballer of the Year was created in 1988.

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