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Q: Who is the football player ever?
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Was lebron James ever a football player?

Yes he was one of the best football runningbacks ever.

Tallest football player ever?

The tallest football player ever was Nicholas hugins who played for the South Carolina gamecocks he was 6"9"

Who is the worst football player ever?

No player is worst in football, it is only the luck and skills that matters.

Has a football player ever died on field?

yes!!type in youtube football player dies in feild!

Has a football player ever died in a football game?

yes people have

Was there ever a female pro football player?


Is ty the best football player ever?


Whos the best Football player?

Troy polomalu is the best i mean the best football player ever.

Who is the best young football player in world?

obaid is tenichally the best football player that ever lived on the face of the world.

Who is worst football player ever?

san marino

In which game is Pele regarded as the greatest player ever?

In football(soccer)

Fastest football player ever?

LeSean Jackson

Who was the greatest football player ever?

Emmitt Smith

First ever football player?

Michael Beed.

The greatest ever football player?

Kyle Smith

Who is the fastest college football player ever?


Is denis law the best football player ever?


Tallest pro football player ever?

Richard Sligh is the tallest player to ever play professional football. Richard Sligh stood 7 feet tall and played for the Oakland Raiders.

The richest football player that has ever played football?

it has to be david beckam (nottt) haha lol

which job shoud i do shoud i domilitery or Nfl or a Statetrooper?

does enone play football

Who is the oldest player ever to play in a professional football soccer match?

The oldest player ever to play in a professional football soccer match was Billy Meredith - Wales (45 year, 8 months)

Where can one find football player pics?

One can find football player pictures on the team website of what ever team is of interest to whom ever is searching. One can also find photos of football players if one goes to a game and buys a program.

Is Lionel Messi the best football player ever?


Who was the first football player ever to be traded?

Bill walker

Has there ever been a Chinese professional football player?