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Q: Who is the most poular football player ever?
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What is Ecuadors most poular sport?

Football (Soccer to Americans)

What was the most college offers a player has ever received in football?


Who is the most expensive football player from Liverpool ever?

Fernando Torres

Who is the most expensive football player from wigan ever?

nery castillo

Which football player has made the most appearances ever?

Thierry Henry

Who is the most successful football player ever?

Joe Montana or Terry Bradshaw

What is ohio's most poular dish?


What is the most poular piercing?

Lobe piercings.

What are the most popular sports in Peru?

The most poular is football (not american) but women's volleyball, taekwondo, tennis, shooting, sailing, and surfing are also very known sports.

What percentage of people like baseball than football?

It must be a very small amount. Baseball is huge in the States but that is about as far as it goes. Football is a worldwide sport and the most poular in the world. (that is if you are talking about soccer and not American football)

Most poular movie 1972?

The God Father

What is the most poular tourist attraction?

My Backyard (the MCG)

Most poular spectator sports in world?


What is The Most Poular Pet In France?

definitely dogs

What is the most poular hair style?

Jew cut

What is the most poular ciagretes?

The ones that kill you quickly

What are the most popular jobs in Alaska?

the most poular job is fishing

What is the most most poular song of 2009?

kiss me thru the phone!

What have Pele achieved in his career?

He is one of the all-time most goal scorers ever, best player in football.

Why is David Beckham the most famous football player in the world?

no but he is the most famous football player for England

What are the newest and most poular games for xbox360?

Halo 3

Most poular NHL team?

Detroit Red wings

What is the most popular ipod?

Steve Jobs mentioned in the Apple Music Event 2009 that the ipod Nano is the most poular ipod making it the most popular MP3 player.

What football player is on the most football cards?

Michael Jordan

Who is the most agile football player?

I am