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MASOOD JAFARI the worlds best soccer player ever in history of football

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Q: Who is the best player in Real Madrid?
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Who is the best player in real madrid-?

Cristiano Rinaldo is the best player in Real Madrid till the date.

Who is the best player on real Madrid?

Real Madrid always buy costly players, but this year Ronaldo is their best player .

Which player on a soccer team is considered to be the best player?

real Madrid

Who is the best Barcelona or real Madrid?

Real Madrid

Who is the best spanish soccer player?

cristiano ronaldo (real madrid)

Who is the 2010 best soccer player?

c ronaldo of real Madrid

Who was the best player in the past on real Madrid?

Ronaldo(Not Cristiano Ronaldo)

What player makes a lot of impact in Real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered Real Madrids best player. He scores everyday, and has helped Madrid win many trophies! He is Madrid's icon!

Is Real Madrid the best in football?

Yes real madrid is the best in football

Who is the best soccer player paid?

I believe it use to be France & Real Madrid player Zidane. I believe Cristiano Ronaldo, a player of Spain & Real Madrid, is the most paid player in the world now.

Who is the best right midfielder in the world?

my opinion is Ronaldo the real Madrid player

Which club is the best- Real Madrid or Fenerbache?

Real Madrid are better.

Did oezil play on real Madrid?

Yes Ozil is a Real Madrid player.

Who is the highest paid player at Real Madrid?

The highest paid player at Real Madrid is Christiano Ronaldo.

Who is Cristriano Ronaldo?

He is a famous soccer player for Real Madrid!!! He is the best soccer player in the world!! He is AWESOME!!!

How is the best team in the world?

its got to be real Madrid its got to be real Madrid

Who score against real Madrid like ex real Madrid player?


Is santiago munez is an real player in real Madrid?


Who is the best fc Barcelona or real Madrid?

Both are good but Real Madrid have more trophies.

Who is most capped real Madrid?

Raul the former captain of Real Madrid is the most capped player.

Which team is best between Manchester united and real Madrid?

Real Madrid. They have better players and have the best player in the world (or 2nd) Ronaldo! La Liga is a lot harder than the BPL, and right now Man United aren't in a good sport in the league. So, real Madrid

Most appearances spanish player in real Madrid?

Madrid captain Raul.

What nationality is real Madrid player ozio?

There is no Real Madrid player by the name of Ozio. If you mean Mesut Ozil, he if German with Turkish descent.

Who has the best record Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Over the years we will have to say Real Madrid have a better record.

Why did robinho leave real Madrid?

As he was a good player, Real got a huge amount and so they got Robben at Real Madrid.