Is Real Madrid the best in football?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Yes real madrid is the best in football

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Q: Is Real Madrid the best in football?
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What is the best spanish football team?

Real Madrid

Who is Spain's best football team?

Real madrid FC

Is barclona th best football team in 2012?

no its real madrid

Which football cub is the best soccer team in the world?

Real Madrid

What is the best football club?

It is a matter of personal opinion.

What is the current football club of Ronaldinho?

He plays his club football at Real Madrid in Spain.

Where do real Madrid train?

In Spain, in real Madrid football club!

Who is the best player in Real Madrid?

MASOOD JAFARI the worlds best soccer player ever in history of football

All-time best football club in world?

Real Madrid C.F. officially is the best football club of XXth century.

What country does the football team real Madrid come from?

Real Madrid come from Spain.

What is the home city of real Madrid cf?

The home city of Real Madrid CF football club is Madrid.

Is Real Madrid the name of a spanish football team?

yes, real Madrid is the name of a Spanish football team, it is called F.C real Madrid , which mean "foot ball club of real Madrid, real Madrid is known worldwide for it's championships and world records, and top players.