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Q: Who score against real Madrid like ex real Madrid player?
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Does Cristiano Ronaldo play vs Barcelona?

Yes he does. Christiano Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid. Real Madrid goes against Barcelona many times (like during an El Clasico)

Will Real Madrid and other clubs like FC Barcelona play against clubs like Manchester city Manchester united why?

Perhaps they will in the UEFA champions league.

What is the weather like in Madrid Spain in June?

Hot, but Madrid is high so not like Sevilla in August!

How much was Robinho for Real Madrid?

He's a great player, but Real used him as a bargain chip in order to bring other Robben. So Robinho got upset and left... He's a great player and Real Madrid knows they f*cked up!

How much money does a professional soccer player earn a month if he is playing for a team like Brazil Italy and Real Madrid?

actually it depends on the player and the team. on internation teams, like Brazil and Italy, everyone on the team has the same salary and its about 50,000 a month. However, if you play on a club team like Real Madrid, and you're a great player, like Ronaldinho, you could be making anywhere between 250,000 to 750,000 a month. 100,000 a month

Is Sasha Striker the best pac-rat player and what is her high score?

Actually, her high score is 1,000,562. (Something like that.) It was on the tv show icarly Sasha's score was 1,362,000 and Spencer (Carly's brother on the show, Jerry Trainor) beat her score.

Can a goalie dribble down field and score in soccer?

The goal keeper is just like any other player, they may leave their penalty area and may score a goal.

Who is the most popular player in Real Madrid history?

Raul Gonzalez is the most famous and the most popular player in these days in Real Madrid, because he recorded a new record in which he became the all-time top-scorer for Real Madrid in La Liga and the Champions League, with 217 goals in L Liga and 61 goals in the Champions League, by the way I would like to visit the Santiago Bernabeu and watch the Classico match between Real Madrid and Barcelona gays.

How many seasons does Madrid Spain have?

Madrid has four seasons like all other temperate cities.

How is balance used in soccer?

balance is used in soccer like when a player is taking position when getting ready to score a goal, they take a specific balance position to score a accurate goal.

When was I Like to Score created?

I Like to Score was created on 1997-08-26.

What does 8 7 score mean in golf game?

If I understand the question, I think you're meaning to ask what does the score 8&7 mean. 8&7 would be the score of a "Match-Play" event. In a Match Play event, two players compete against each other directly, versus each player playing for himself against the rest of the field. Because two players are competing directly against each other, there is no total score kept in terms of strokes (i.e. 2 under, 3 over, etc.). Instead, the players compete against each other on a hole by hole basis. So if on the first hole, one player takes 3 strokes to get in the hole and his opponent takes 4 strokes, the first player wins that hole, and the match play score would be recorded as 1 up after 1 hole. If the first player wins the second hole, the score would be 2 up after 2 holes. The players go on like that for an entire 18 holes. A match finished when one player is ahead by more holes than are left to play. For instance, if a player has won 8 holes, and there are only 7 holes left to play, that player wins the match, because there is no way for his opponent to catch up, even if he wins every hole. And that match would be recorded as the victorious player winning by 8&7 (8 up with 7 to play). Another side note, is that if both players have the same score on a hole, that hole is said to be halved, meaning neither player wins the hole.

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