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Usain Bolt holds the world record at 9.69 seconds for the 100 meter dash. Usain Bolt holds the world record at 19.30 seconds for the 200 meter dash. Michael Johnson holds the world record at 43.18 seconds for the 400 meter dash. So I would say Usain Bolt.

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Q: Who is the best person to run in track?
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How can person run fast?

lost of practice at the track your going to run fast on

First person to run track?

jesse owens

What is the difference between circular relay and shuttle relay?

the difference is that in a shuttle relay, you run back and for(e.g. you run 100m to the next person and they run back to where you started, where the next person is waiting e.t.c.). A circular relay is around a track e.g. a 400m track you each run 100m going round the track. hope this has helped.

How long is a 2k run?

Usually, it takes an average person about 10 minutes to run 2k (5 laps around a 400-m track)

What is a place where runners run that rhymes with back?

Runners run on a track.

Why does OSHKOSH jog around the high school track 98 times a day?

He has a run track mind. Hope i helped.

How many times do you have to run around a track to run a 400 yard run?

u would have to run around the track once

How long does it take to run 50 meters?

6-9 seconds if done to a person's best.

Why does oshgosh jog around the high school track 98 times every day?

He has a run track mind

How far do you run in a 4 x 100 track and field event?

Each person runs 100 meters.

What do you do in track?

You run around on a big track!

How much railway track 1837 to 1901 in England?

Heather is the best person in the world!

What do you have to do to be a pro track runner?

Run and Run and Run.

What is the fastest way to run a mile around a track?

I am a mile runner and i took 3rd at district . And my way to run is to fast jog and then I suggest chase the person in front of you

Which kind of running track can a person run faster on?

Rubber tracks have elasticity and softness so when they come in contact with running shoes then the person can get a better boost.

When Girls run in Track and Field does their chest get smaller?

No, girls chest do not get smaleer when they run in track.

How are sprint events related to track and field and athletics?

sprinting events are used to find the person who can accelerate the fastest and run at the highest speed. where as distance races are used to find the person who can run the fastest,in the race, the longest.

What is a track that you run round?

a running track?? xD

Do people run faster on grass or on track?


How many laps must a person run around a quarter mile track to run 1600 meters?

Four times. 1 mile = 1609 meters

What do you call a person who does track and field?

How do u call a person who practice track and field

How far do you have to run to go 220 yards on a track in track and field?

You run half the track. A full lap is 440 yards. Lane 5 Athletics.

What is the best running workout to train for soccer?

Run around a track or jog up a hill or sprint across a field.

How do you start to run track?

Go outside and run. Then joint the track team. Pretty simplistic

What is the best time that anyone has run around a track?

A track is 400 meters around. The current world record for the 400 meters is 43.18 by Michael Johnson of the USA on August 26, 1999