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No, girls chest do not get smaleer when they run in track.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-24 15:45:57
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Q: When Girls run in Track and Field does their chest get smaller?
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What is it called when the diaphragm relaxes and the chest cavity becomes smaller?

During exhalation the diaphragm relaxes and the chest cavity gets smaller.

Where is the center of gravity for boys and girls?

for girls it is at their chest, for boys it is at their waist :)

When is the chest cavity smaller and when is it large?

When you breath in, it becomes larger. Conversely, it is smaller when you exhale.

Inside the chest each bronchus divides into smaller and smaller passageways known as?


When the chest cavity become smaller the air pressure inside the chest cavity become?

Increases .

What region is divided into two smaller regions?

The chest.

When breathing in does your chest get smaller or bigger?

As you breath in you take air into your lungs and your chest expands, so to answer your question 'Your chest gets bigger'

Is Acne on chest back shoulders normal for girls?

yes it is. girls and boys

Do girls like trimming chest hair?

They, LOVE it. Most girls spend six to seven hours every day trimming chest hair.

Why do girls have chest?

To feed the baby when it very young

Which body parts are responsible for making the chest cavity smaller when you inhale?

the diaphragm, chest muscles, ribs, and the sternum.

How do they do thoracic inlet xrays?

A normal chest xray but angled up a little and a smaller area at the top of your chest.

Which body parts are responsible for making the chest cavity smaller when you exhale?

the diaphragm, ribs, chest muscles, and sternum.

What is a bump in your chest?


How does the movement of the diaphragm affect the size of the chest cavity?

The movement of the diaphragm affects the size of the chest cavity by when you inhale the chest cavity enlarges, but when you exhale the chest cavity becomes smaller.

Why is a bigger person's voice bigger than a smaller person's voice?

A bigger persons voice is bigger than a smaller persons voice because a bigger person chest is bigger while the smallers person chest is smaller.

How can you tell whether it is a boy or a girl?

A boy will have a penis, while a girl will have a vagina. Also, girls have a chest different of a boy's chest. Girls have breasts, which boys don't have.

Where are places girls like men tattoos?

i say the chest!

Why do guys touch girls chest do they like you?

yes, they like you

What do girls like in a guy's body?

hair or chest or muscles

How do you know if a animal is breathing?

If it's chest is getting bigger and smaller.

Why does a guy's chest becomes smaller when he works out his pecs?

It simply don't.

Is it normal for girls to grow chest hair?

Not particularly, unless on steroids.

Does Bryan breeding like girls with a big chest?

No he probely does not and why are you asking this?

What is niple?

hi its the part on a boys chest were a girls breast would be