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Quarterback is faster

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Q: Who is faster a quarterback or a defensive linemen?
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In football is a center and a snapper the same player?

Yes they are the same, their job is to hand the ball to the quarterback and block defensive linemen.

What are defensive linemen numbers?

Defensive linemen numbers in the NFL are usually anywhere from 70-99

Average defensive linemen in the NFL?

The Height of a defensive linemen usually is 6,0 - 6,8 feet tall. Most of them are 6,4

In football what is a 4 man rush?

Four defensive linemen on the line, rushing the quarterback. Usually there are three linebackers in this type of defense, also known as the 4-3.

What is inside the pocket in football?

A Pocket in American Football is the safe area created by the offensive linemen create for a quarterback by blocking the defensive rushers. This safe area is supposed to allow the quarterback time to make his reads and throw the ball to a receiver.

How much do defensive linemen get paid in a year?

i have no idear

What is a 3 4 defensive front in the national football league?

A 3-4 means there are 3 defensive linemen and 4 linebackers for the play. This is different than a 4-3 where there are 4 defensive linemen and 3 linebackers.

What does a defensive guard in football do?

The Defensive linemen block the run, and often try to sack the QB.

Who snaps the ball to the Quarterback?

The Center, who is in the center of all of the linemen.

How many defensive linemen must be on the line of scrimmage?

No requirement

What do cowboys need?

some offensive linemen and defensive backs

Who is the patriots all time defensive linemen?

-Logan Mankins-

Is a quarterback a defensive player?

No, the quarterback plays on offense.

Should a defensive linemen wear a helmet visor?

Yes, D- Linemen Look B.A. with visors in their helmets a lot of college D-linemen do it and its sweet linemen need them more than running backs and receivers.

Where does the defensive lineman lineup?

On the line of scrimmage opposit the offensive linemen. He can line up between the offensive linemen or directly in front of them.

Does the Center do anything else but hike the ball And does he play and defensive position if he is on a small team 4-5 people?

The center is one of the five offensive linemen that are supposed to block for the quarterback and running back. After snapping the ball to the quarterback, the center will block a defensive tackle or linebacker. The center is not eligible to catch a pass. Generally, the center is one of the best athletes on the team and he may also play a defensive position.

Who tackles the quarterback?

Any defensive player can tackle the quarterback.

Who was the best undersized defensive linemen in NFL history?

Jack Youngblood

What players wear jersey number 95 in the NFL?

Defensive linemen

What are the cowboys draft needs for 2011?

Offensive linemen and defensive backs.

What is a linebacker in football?

A defensive player who lines up behind the defensive linemen and in front of the defensive backfield. The linebackers are a team's second line of defense.

How many teams can a coach have?

One head coach, but other assistants. The other members of the team are: Assistant coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, special teams coach, quarterback coach, running back coach, offensive linemen coach, wide receivers coach, defensive linemen coach, linebackers coach, and secondary coach. All these are needed for a football team. In total that is: 12.

What position should you play in high school football?

anything but defensive linemen

Why is a quarterback called a quarterback?

In the earliest days of American Football, the backfield consisted of four players behind the linemen. The one farthest back from the line was called the fullback (fully back from the line). Two players were positioned halfway between the linemen and the fullback and were called halfbacks. The man closest to the line was positioned one quarter of the way between the linemen and the fullback and hence became the quarterback

What are the most important defensive positions in football?

Defensive back and outside linebacker for coverage type deffense. Defensive linemen and safety for rush defense.

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