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some offensive linemen and defensive backs

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Q: What do cowboys need?
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Why does cowboys ride horeses?

cowboys rides horeses because the cowboys need to gattle some cows

What did a cowboy need?

what did cowboys needs

Why did cowboys need horses?

to chase the cattle

Who do the cowboys need in the 2010 draft?


How many staff members do you need for Cowboys Stadium?


Why did the cowboys have to have cheerleaders?

They have cheerleaders because they need inspiration.wlk;j;l

How many times and against who have the Dallas Cowboys played in a superbowel?

eight superbowls colts def cowboys cowboys def dolphins steelers def cowboys steelers def cowboys cowboys def broncos cowboys def bills cowboys def bills cowboys def steelers

What invention put a end to the need of cowboys?

i dont know but everybody needs to answer everything...

Can the cowboys win a Super Bowl?

No. They are a bad team and need serious help offensively.

Why do cowboys use horses?

Because they need something to ride and horses are fast and safe....

Why do cowboys need a rope?

So they can laso something if they see a animal running around

Why is Dallas Cowboys mascot Rowdy?

because the team is the cowboys and cowboys are rowdy

Which games did the cowboys win in 2007?

cowboys won vs colts 23-10 cowboys won vs broncos 31-20 cowboys won cowboys won vs giants 45-35 cowboys won vs dolphins 37-20 cowboys won vs bears 34-10 cowboys won vs rams 35-7 cowboys won vs bills 25-24 cowboys won vs vikings 24-14 cowboys won vs cowboys won vs eagles 38-17 cowboys won vs giants 31-20 cowboys won vs redskins 28-23 cowboys won vs jets 34-3 cowboys won vs packers 37-27 cowboys won vs lions 28-27 cowboys won vs panthers 20-13

What charity work does the Dallas Cowboys do?

The Dallas Cowboys work with the Jones Family Foundation to help families in need. The foundation was started by Jerry Jones who owns the Dallas Cowboy team.

Who will win cowboys or redskins?


What is Chris Brown favorite football team?

his favorite football team is the dallas cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Practice Facility Address?

The Cowboys' mailing address is: Cowboys Center, One Cowboys Parkway, Irving, TX 75063.

Where can you send fan mail to the Dallas Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys Cowboys Center 1 Cowboys Parkway Irving, TX 75063-4727

Did cowboys do town jobs?

Yes country Cowboys did but if your talking about the Dallas Cowboys IDK Sorry

Are real cowboys the same as Dallas Cowboys?


How do you say Cowboys in Hawaiin?

Cowboys = Paniolo

Where are cowboys from?

cowboys were from Mexico and north of the U.S.A.

What do cowboys live?

most cowboys are in dallas

Who hates the Cowboys?

Everyone who is not a Cowboys fan

What team is better raiders or cowboys?

The Cowboys.