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SHIRLEY ROBERTSON ---- At the Summer Olympics: 2004 1) Shirley Robertson - Sailing

2) Kelly Holmes - 800 meter run and 1500 meter run 2000 1) Stephanie Cook - Modern pentathlon

2) Shirley Robertson - Sailing

3) Denise Lewis - Heptathlon 1992 1) Sally Gunnell - 400 meter hurdles 1984 1) Tessa Sanderson - Javelin 1972 1) Mary Peters - Pentathlon

2) Mary Gordon-Watson, Bridget Parker - Team Equestrian 1968 1) Jane Bullen - Team Equestrian 1964 1) Mary Rand - Long Jump

2) Ann Packer - 800 meter run 1960 1) Anita Lonsbrough - 200 meter breaststroke 1956 1) Gillian Sheen - Fencing 1924 1) Lucy Morton - 200 meter breaststroke 1920 1) Kathleen McKane, Margaret McNair - Tennis doubles 1908 1) Madge Syers - Figure skating

2) Queenie Newall - Archery

3) Dorothea Chambers - Tennis

4) Gwendoline Eastlake-Smith - Tennis 1900 1) Charlotte Cooper - Tennis (singles and mixed doubles)

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Summer Olympics (not a complete list):

Victoria Pendleton - track cycling (2 gold)

Rebecca Adlington - swimming (2 gold 2008)

Kelly Holmes - distance runner (2 gold 2004)

Charlotte Dujardin - equestrian dressage (2 gold 2012)

Shirley Robertson - sailing (2 gold)

Sarah Webb Gosling - sailing (2 gold)

Sarah Ayton - sailing (2 gold)

Pippa Wilson - sailing (1 gold)

Katherine Grainger - double scull (1 gold)

Anna Watkins - double sculls (1 gold)

Laura Trott - pursuit cyclist (1 gold 2012)

Dani King - pursuit cyclist (1 gold 2012)

Joanna Rowsell - pursuit cyclist (1 gold 2012)

Mary Rand - long jump (1 gold 1964)

Edith Hannam (1878-1951) - tennis (2 gold)

Winter Olympics (not a complete list):

Jeanette Altwegg - figure skater (1 gold 1952)

Jayne Torvill - duet ice dancing (1 gold 1984)

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One recent British female who was a gold medal winner was Jessica Ennis. At the 2012 Olympics in London, she won the Heptathlon.

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Dame kelly holmes

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Amy Williams, Canada 2010

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Q: Who is a female British Olympic gold medalist?
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