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Stella Walsh

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Q: What female Olympic gold medalist was discovered to be a man upon her death in 1980?
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At the 1968 Summer Olympic games in Mexico City, Mexico, gold medalist Tommie Smith and bronze medalist John Carlos were suspended from the US team and expelled from the Olympic village following a political protest during the men's 200 m race medals ceremony. During the national anthem, Smith and Carlos raised their fists as a Black Power salute. They were shoeless but wearing black socks, representing black poverty. Smith's black scarf represented black pride, and Carlos' unzipped jacket represented solidarity with blue collar workers. Carlos also wore a string of beads, which he said "were for those individuals that were lynched, or killed and that no-one said a prayer for, that were hung and tarred. It was for those thrown off the side of the boats in the middle passage." Silver medalist Peter Norman of Australia wore a Olympic Project for Human Rights badge in support of Smith and Carlos and was subsequently not chosen for the 1972 Olympic Games. Avery Brundage, president of the International Olympic Committee, believed that the protest was not in the spirit of the Olympic Games. An IOC spokesman said it was "a deliberate and violent breach of the fundamental principles of the Olympic spirit". Smith and Carlos were ostracized from the sports community and subjected to criticism and death threats.

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