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You did. It has not been invented yet

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Q: Who invented the sport jai alai?
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What region was Jai Alai invented in?

Jai Alai was invented in Spain's Basque region.

What is vasque sport?

Jai Alai

What sport uses a cesta and a ball?

jai alai (sport)

What is alai on a brain teaser?

If the word "alai" is at the top of the box it's in, it is "High Alai" (jai Alai the sport)

What is the sport Fronton?

It's not a sport. Fronton is the building the sport Jai Alai is played in.

What is pelote jai alai?

A sport played in the south of France.

What is the sport in the opening credits of Miami Vice?


Is jai alai a team sport?

Sure, when they play doubles.

What sport is similar to lacrosse but with a curved catcher?


What sport would you use cestas to pick the pelotas?


Where was Jai Alai invented?

In the Basque Country of Spain & France

What is jai alai sash?

A Jai Alai sash is a fajo

Where did jai alai begin?

jai alai began in spain

What sport's court is sometimes called a cancha?

A cancha is a jai alai court.

What kind of sport starts with a j?

jai alai, judo, jujitsu, jousting

What does the acronym NJAA stand for?

NJAA is the acronym for the non profit organization 'The National Jai-Alai Association'. NJAA are committed to preserving and advertising the sport of Jai-Alai.

Are there any famous athletes associated with Jai Alai?

Francisco Churruca is considered to be the best Jai-Alai player in all of the world. He is referred to as the Michael Jordan of the sport.

Who invented Jai Alai?

no one knows it came from spain though

What is the sport that they are playing at the beginning of Miami vice?

the sport is called Jai Alai, popular in Southern Florida

Where and when was Jai Alai invented?

It was invented by the Basque about four centuries ago. See the link below.

What is the jai alai ball called?

The jai alai ball is called a "pelota".

What is another name for jai alai?

Jai Alai is also known as Peleta.

What is a jai alai ball called?

A jai alai ball is called a "pelota".

What is the national game of the basques?

basquet jai-alai

What is jai alai in english?

From Italian to English it means "jai I towed" but from Russian it means "jai of alai"