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The official explanation is that Gen. Abner Doubleday invented Baseball in Cooperstown, NY.

In reality, this is a complete myth. Doubleday likely never played Baseball in his life. However, he was a very popular figure and war hero, and adding his name helped lend respectability to the game.

Baseball actually has no inventor and no single point of origin. Bat and ball games were played for many years in Europe and The Americas in the 18th century. The first recorded mention of the word "Baseball" comes from the 1744 "A Pretty Little Pocket Book," where it mentioned a bat and ball game. However, this game has very little to do with actual baseball.

Local areas in America began to develop different bat and ball games throughout the years and sometimes would get together into regional tournaments. There was little standardization in the rules and the games often resembled modern Baseball very little.

This all changed during The Civil War when young men from all around the country began to come together and socialize. Different Baseball concepts were shared and the game began to take on a more standardized feel as inter-regiment tournaments began.

Al Spalding would market the first baseball kits, which included standardized rules and the basic equipment needed for the 19th century game.

The modern rules were formalized in 1901 when the second major league (The American League) formed, and have undergone very little change since.

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Q: Who invented baseball and when?
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