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no it was invented in 1744

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Q: Was baseball invented in 1888
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What year was the wind turbine invented?

In 1888 In 1888

History of softball?

george Hancock invented softball in 1888 in Chicago. originally called indoor baseball.

When was the straw invented?

in 1888

When was the first movie invented?

i think it was invented in 1888

When was the penny post invented?

the penny post was invented in 1888

What year was the gong and signal chair invented?

it was invented on 1888

What year was softball invented?


When was deoderant invented?

around 1888.

When were electronic clocks invented?

In 1888.

When was the pen invented?

in 1884 the fountain pen was invented... however the first conventional ballpoint pen was invented in 1938.the first ball point pen was invented in 1888.the first ball point pen was invented in 1888.

Who invented a bicycle in 1888?

The bicycle was invented in 1879. In 1888 John Dunlop created the pneumatic tire that allowed for a more comfortable bicycle to be developed.

What year was the electric chair invented?


When was first aid kit invented?


When were vending machines invented?

They were made in 1888

What was invented by Nikola in 1888?

the induction motor

What year was the composition notebook invented?


When was the Victorian penny post invented?

in 1888

Who invented the windturbine?

Charls F. Brush invented wind turbines in 1888.

What was invented in the 1880s?

Nikda Tesla invented the Induction Electric Motor in 1888.

Where and when was coke invented?

Coca-Cola was invented in 1888 by John Pemberton in Atlanta Georgia.

What year was the gong invented?

it was invented by a man named Roman Morgan in the year 1888

When were wind turbines invented?

The first wind turbine was invented in 1888. The fellow who invented it was Charles F. Brush.

When did george Eastman invented the Kodak camera?


Who invented first camera and when?

George Eastman, 1888.

Was invented by A B Blackburn in 1888?

cash register