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No Baseball gloves were invented in 1622.MORE The game of baseball was invented in 1860.

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Q: What price would a 1622 baseball glove sale for?
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What year was the Wilson model 1622 baseball glove made?

I found a Wilson model 1622 two fingered baseball glove that was made during the 1950's. See Related Links below for a guide to help date your vintage baseball glove. Gloves can be dated by the style of the web. Styles may have continued to be made after the dates stated but in general the web can be dated to that era. Until the late 1940's fielders gloves had no lacing between the fingers. These gloves are referred to as "Spit finger" Gloves. Most gloves between 1950 -1960 have lacing between the finger although you will find an occasional split finger. The full web triple tunnel style dominates this era.

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