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mike powell

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Q: Who holds world record for the high jump?
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What is the world record for high jump 2011?

As of 2011, Javier Sotomayor holds the mens world record at 2.45 meters. Stefka Kostadinova holds the womens world record at 2.09 meters.

World record for the rabbit high jump?

world record for rabbit high jump

Who holds the Indian record for high jump?


Who holds the women's world record in the high jump?

stefka kostadinova bulgaria 1987 2.09m

Who hold the world record in high jump?

Javier Sotomayor from Cuba is the current men's record holder with a jump of 2.45 metres which he set in 1993.Stefka Kostadinova from Bulgaria has the women's world record with a jump of 2.09 metres which she set in 1987.

In the Olympics who holds the World and Olympic high jump record?

World Record: Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.45m Olympic Record: Charles Austin (USA) 2.39m

Who holds the world record for the longjump?

Mike Powell holds the world record of 8.95meters (29.36) feet for the long- jump.

Who holds the women and men national world record in high jump in Barbados?

bejamn louis and rachel mogaer

Who holds the current world record for long jump?

Mike Powell jumped 8.95 meters and currently holds the world record.

Who holds the currents womens world record for high jump?

the current world record for the indoor is held by Kajsa Bergqvist from Sweden with a jump of 2.08m. the current world record for the outdoor is held by Stefka Kostadinova from Bulgaria with a jump of 2.09m

How far did Galina Chistyakova jump?

She holds the world long jump record with 7.52m.

Who holds the women's record in the high jump?

Stefka Kostadinova was the first person to ever jump 2.O9 metres in 1987, Rome. She also has tthe longest going world record as no one has beaten her record.

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