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No one came close to Breaking J. Sotomayor high jump world record in 2008.

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Q: Who broke the world record in high jump for 2008?
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Who broke the world record for the mens high jump in 1993?

Javier Sotomayor of Cuba with a jump of 2.45 meters. he did it in Salamenca Spain. Tt is the current high jump world record.

World record for the rabbit high jump?

world record for rabbit high jump

What is the world record height for the mens high jump in 2008?

The men's high jump record stands at 2.45 m (8' 1/4"), and was set by Javier Sotomayor of Cuba in 1993.

What is the correct mens high jump world record?

2.45 meters or 8.03 feet by Javier Sotomayor March 4th 2008.

Who were the 2008 olympic high jump champions?

The gold medalists for the 2008 high jump competition at the Beijing Olympics were: * (Men) Andrey Silnov - Russia - 2.36 meters * (Women) Tia Hellebaut - 2.05 meters For men, the world record is 2.45 meters and the Olympic record is 2.39 meters (Charles Austin of the US, 1996). For women, the world record is 2.09 meters and the Olympic record is 2.06 meters.

What is the record for the high jump for a 7 year old boy?

I think William set the world record at 76 cm at his grandad's house on 14 December 2008 at 1500UT. On Tuesday 23rd December 2008 at 0940UT, after a lot of training, William has improved on his previous world record and has jumped a height of 81cm. This record was set at his grandad's house.

What is the world record in 4- square?

The world record for the longest game of 4square was a record set by 8 high schoolers in August of 2008. I believe it was 28 hours of continuous play and was set in Youngstown, OH. The new record is 29 hours. It was set in December 2008 by a group of teachers and students at Buenos Aires International Christian Academy (BAICA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What is the mens world record for the high jump?

James ollgy from south America made a world record record of 2.45 meters

Who holds the world record for world's highest high heels?

15 in

What is the world record high dive?

The world record of 177ft into open water is owned by Oliver Favre, who set the record in 1987 in France.

Mens world record high jump?

The world record in High jump is 8ft for men and was set by Javier Sotomayor Cuba 1993. To see the progression go to :

What is the world record for ladies in high jump?


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