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David O'Leary

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Q: Who holds the record for most appearances in an arsenal shirt?
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Who wears the number 53 shirt for Arsenal?

Wojciech Szczesny wears the number 53 shirt for arsenal.

Who has worn the Arsenal number 8 shirt?

Arteta Now wears the number 8 shirt at Arsenal

What is eboue's arsenal shirt number?


What kind of fan might wear an Arsenal shirt?

An Arsenal shirt would generally be worn by a fan of the football team Arsenal. Arsenal is a London based football team. They would generally be more passionate than most.

Where can you buy the latest Arsenal away shirt?

You can buy the latest arsenal away shirt from most sport shops, or online shops such as Ebay, or

Does Phil collen support west ham or arsenal you always thought he was arsenal after he appeared in an arsenal shirt alongside rick savage in a sheffield Wednesday shirt on the front of kerrang in 199?

Phil Collens supports West Ham over Arsenal.

Who wears the number 16 shirt for arsenal?


Who has worn the no 6 shirt for arsenal?

Currently Laurent Koscielny is wearing the number 6 jersey for Arsenal.

What defender where's 31 shirt for arsenal?

It is Sol Cambell.

Which footballer holds the foreigners record for most premier league appearances?

Alan Shearer Discount Thailand Quality 11/12 Tottenham Hotspur VAN DER VAART 11 Home jersey football,wholesale jerseys,the football shirt,new jersey football 2012 2013

Why is Arsenal's shirt blue next season?

Arsenal's away shirt is blue next season, as it has often been since the 1969/70 when the adopted a yellow and blue away strip.

Who holds the heaviest bench press record?

Scott mendelson did 715 pounds raw . with a bench shirt . Ryan kennely did 1050 pounds

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