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your mum did

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2010-04-13 12:06:30
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Q: Who was the last person to wear the number 6 shirt in arsenal?
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How many games has arsene wenger lost as arsenal manager?

ask yourself... when last did arsenal win a trophy? and that number should answer your question

What trophy did Arsenal last win?

Arsenal last won a trophy in 2005 , it was the F.A. cup.

When did arsenal last win a trophy?

No problem Arsenal last won a trophy in 2005, the f.A. cup.

Last player to wear number 7 shirt for Liverpool?

Robbie Keane!

Who was the last to wear shirt number 4 for Chelsea fc?

claude makelele

Which Italian soccer player wears shirt number 8?

There have been a number of Italian soccer players that have worn the shirt number 8 both professionally and non professionally. There have been 6 soccer professional players with the number 8 on their shirt in the last year alone.

What number will gervinho have in arsenal?

he might be number 9 but last season he wore 27 for Lille and in the pre season friendlies he has been wearing number 22

Who is arsenal going to buy?

The one person Arsenal will want to buy is a goalkeeper after last years mess. Joe Hart is the person. Definately Chamakh and a goalkeeper, probably Joe Hart. Also talk of Matthew Upson coming back to Arsenal. Lets wait and see what Mr Wenger has up his sleeve.

Who wore the number 14 shirt for Manchester united last season?

It was the jersey number of Zoran Tosic last season and now it's worn by Chicarito

When did Arsenal last win the Uefa Champions league?

arsenal have never won this competition

Trophies won in last 5 years by Arsenal?

Arsenal's only trophy in the last five years is the FA Cup in 2004/05.

When did Arsenal play Celtic?

The last time that Arsenal and Celtic played was at the 2010 Emirates Cup.

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