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Currently Laurent Koscielny is wearing the number 6 jersey for Arsenal.

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Q: Who has worn the no 6 shirt for arsenal?
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Who has worn the Arsenal number 8 shirt?

Arteta Now wears the number 8 shirt at Arsenal

Who are the players that have worn the number 4 shirt for Arsenal?

Cesc Fabregas

What kind of fan might wear an Arsenal shirt?

An Arsenal shirt would generally be worn by a fan of the football team Arsenal. Arsenal is a London based football team. They would generally be more passionate than most.

Who was the last person to wear the number 6 shirt in arsenal?

your mum did

Who wears the number 53 shirt for Arsenal?

Wojciech Szczesny wears the number 53 shirt for arsenal.

What famous soccer players wear number 18 for arsenal?

sebastien squillaci currently wears 18 for arsenal. in the past mikael silvestre and pascal cygan have worn it. sorry i cant remember any more but generally flops wear the 18 shirt for arsenal

Who wore the 1966 world cup England number 6 shirt?

The number 6 shirt for England in the 1966 World Cup was worn by Bobby Moore.

What is eboue's arsenal shirt number?


What is the main reason that uniforms are worn?

the owner of the shirt is the main reason of a worn out shirt

How do you use the word worn in a sentence?

these are some examples 1. I have worn this shirt every day 2.This shirt is worn out 3. how often have you worn my shirt?!

Who wears the number 16 shirt for arsenal?


Does Phil collen support west ham or arsenal you always thought he was arsenal after he appeared in an arsenal shirt alongside rick savage in a sheffield Wednesday shirt on the front of kerrang in 199?

Phil Collens supports West Ham over Arsenal.

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