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steven gerrad is the captain of england so far

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Q: Who have been the captains of England soccer team?
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How many captains are on a soccer team?


England football team captains?


What is the England soccer team nicknamed?

The nickname of the England soccer team is the Three Lions.

What country has the first soccer team?

England had the first soccer team ever.

When was England national beach soccer team created?

England national beach soccer team was created in 1995.

What part of the soccer team participates in the coin flip?

The two captains do the toss with the referee.

Who is on England's 2012 Olympics soccer team?

England doesn't have its own soccer team for the Olympics. Team GB will represent the UK in all events - not just soccer.

What is England's pro soccer team named?


Who was the captain for the university of akron soccer team in 1986?

Captains - Derek Gaffney and Pat Nash

Which football team fielded 7 England captains in one match?


Who is the New England MLS team?

the new England soccer team is called new England revolution

Who is the manager of the English soccer team?

Fabio Cappello manages the England soccer/football team.

Soccer ball brand name Arsenal soccer?

Its a team in England

What country is the soccer team arsenal from?


Who was the first soccer team to beat England in England?

Republic of Ireland

What is a primer soccer team?

a team that plays in England's Premier League

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Who is the worst football soccer team today?


What is the name of the English national soccer team?


What soccer team is Tim howard on?


Who is the best soccer team in world?

At the moment, England

Who is the captian of the England soccer team?

Steven Gerrard

Which soccer team has the most fans in England?


What soccer team does Ashley Cole currently play for?

Ashley Cole plays for the Chelsea Football Club and The England National Team soccer team in England. She is very famous and is talked about a lot during soccer season!

List of England national football team captains 2010?

They are John Terry and Rio Ferdinand.