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Q: What is England's pro soccer team named?
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How old do you have to be to get on a pro soccer team?

You can be as young as 15 to join a pro soccer team

What makes up a pro soccer team?

pro soccer players

Does pro evolution soccer 2009 have Chelsea fc?

yes the team is not named Chelsea it has been named London f.c

What is the pro soccer team in Chicago?

Chicago Fire

Who was the first team to play pro soccer?

Notts county fc was the first formed soccer team. It was formed in 1862!!

Can you play on an elite team and still play pro soccer?

no you can

What is the best pro soccer team in the world?

Liverpool fc!

What pro soccer team is popular in Venice Italy?


What had been the F C Pro Evolution Soccer Newcastle United's unlicensed fake name?

Their nickname - the name used commonly by fans - is the Toon or The Magpies. The "fake name" means they did not license the name used. PES They were an unlicensed team named Newcastle. PES 2 They were an unlicensed team named Highlands. PES 3 - 6 They were an unlicensed team named Tyneside. PES 2008 In Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, they were a licensed team alongside Tottenham Hotspur. PES 2009 They were an unlicensed team named Tyneside PES 2010 They did not appear in PES 2010. PES 2011 - 2015 They were an unlicensed team named Tyneside.

Do semi pro soccer and pro soccer get paid the same amount of money?

Soccer players are paid different rates depending on the team and league that they play for, and the country that they live in.

What is the pay of a pro soccer coach?

About $10,000,000 (euros) if you have a good team

What are the at home colors of the Italian soccer team Pro Vercelli?


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