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the New England soccer team is called new England revolution

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Q: Who is the New England MLS team?
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In what city does the MLS team New England Revolution play?

Foxborough, Massachusetts. Same location as the NFL team, New England Patriots.

Who are the Professional soccer teams in New England?

The only mls team is the revelution

Which MLS team has lost the most MLS Cups?

Both the New England Revolution and the LA Galaxy, both of which have lost four.

Where is the mls New England revolutions located?

The New England Revolution plays at Gillette Stadium, which is located in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

What team does Thierry Henry play for on fifa12?

New York Red Bulls (MLS)

Is new jeresy pro soccer team called the new york red bulls?

No, the New York Red Bulls are a New York team, not a New Jersey team, New Jersey doesn't even have a MLS team...

What is the worst team in the MLS?


What state is the New England Patriots football team from?

new england

What will be the name of the new mls soccer team in philadelphia?

they don't have and official name yet, but they are nicknamed the Zolos

Who is the winningest team in MLS history?

Houston Dynamo is the best team in MLS. They won two consecutives MLS Cups in a row since the team was found. They also broke a undefeated streak of 16 games in the 2007 season.

What team is the current MLS champion?

Real Salt Lake are the current MLS Cup champions.

What is Bella thorne's favorite football team?

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are the best NFL team ever?

Yes, the New England Patriots are the greatest NFL Team ever.

Does David Beck ham play on the US soccer team?

Yes, he has a contract with an American team. David Beckham plays his club football with the MLS team LA Galaxy, but he does not play internationally for the USA. He is born in England and therefore represents England at international level.

Where are the patriot football team from?

New England

Who is the best MLS team in FIFA 07?

a galaxy

Which MLS team does David Beckham play for?


What team did Chicharito in before Manchester United?

chivas in Mexico not the mls team

How many MLS titles has the New England Revolution won?

The New England Revolution have never won the MLS Cup, however they have been runnersup upon 4 different occasions (2002, 2005, 2006, 2007). They have won the US Open Cup once (2007) and were runners up once (2001). The were the runnersup on the MLS Supporters Shield (2005). and won the Superliga once (2008)

What is New Hampshires NFL team?

I don't think they have a NFL team?

Are the patriots a football team or a hockey team?

football team, they are the new England Patriots

What are the top 5 MLS soccer teams?

New York Red Bulls LA Galaxy New England Revolution DC United Columbus Crew

What is the highest scoring mls game ever?

Real salt lake defeated the new England revolution 6-0 in 2008.

Which MLS team has played in the most MLS Cups?

The Los Angeles Galaxy have played in the most MLS Cups appearing in 6 different finals, winning 2 of them.

What Was The Patriots Location Before New England?

The New England Patriots have always been located in New England, more specifically in Massachusetts. The team was established in 1959 as the Boston Patriots and they played in stadiums in the Boston area. In 1971 the team moved to a new stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The team name was then changed to the New England Patriots.

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