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It is Henry.

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Q: Who has won the champions league uefa cup world cup and European championship?
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Which player has won the world cup European championship champions leagueand domestic league?

zidane,not sure about reidle,don't remember klinsmann winning European cup [champions league]

Which player has won English premier league FA cup league cup Champions league world cup and European championship?

Thiery Henry

Which player has won the world cup champions league premier league fa cup and European championship?

It is Theirry Henry with arsenal and Barcelona and France.

What is the World Series of Major League Baseball?

its the championship between the national league and American league champions

Do Little League World Series Champions receive a Championship ring?

no.. they have to buy them

Which player has won the Champions League the Premier League the World Cup and the European Cup?


Which player has won the premiership world cup champions league french championship spanish championship?

claude makelele

What is the biggest annual sporting event in the world?

the european champions league

How are teams eligible to play in the Fifa World Club Championship?

They have to win or come runner up in certain club tornaments worldwide. European Clubs are the two finalists from the UEFA Champions League Australasian Clubs are from the final of the Asian Champions League American and Carribean Clubs are from the final of the CONCACAF Champions League African Clubs are from the final of the CAF Champions League Hope this helps SixThirty

Who is the only player to have won the premier league champions league the championship and was a world cup runner up?

Louis Saha

Who won the last soccer cup?

World cup: Spain Champions League: Inter Milan FA Cup : Manchester City Carling Cup: Birmingham City European championship: Spain Not sure what cup you mean