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They have to win or come runner up in certain club tornaments worldwide. European Clubs are the two finalists from the UEFA Champions League Australasian Clubs are from the final of the Asian Champions League American and Carribean Clubs are from the final of the CONCACAF Champions League African Clubs are from the final of the CAF Champions League Hope this helps SixThirty

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Q: How are teams eligible to play in the Fifa World Club Championship?
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When was FIVB Club World Championship created?

FIVB Club World Championship was created in 1989.

When was FIBA World Club Championship created?

FIBA World Club Championship was created in 2010.

Are arsenal the best club in the world?

No, all teams

How many teams in English Premier League have never relegated to championship?

The only club in the E.P.L not to be ever relegated is Arsenal.

Who won the world club championship in 2010?

Spain won the world cup in the year 2010.

How many times have Liverpool won the world club championship?

they have not won it yet

How many teams plays in FIFA Club World Cup?


What are some popular soccer teams?

S.C. Internacional in the south of Brazil is one of the most popular clubs in the world with almost 100,000 people associated and millions of fans. S.C. Internacional has won the FIFA World Club Championship in 2006.

Which is the only british football club to have won the world club championship?

Strictly speaking, no-one, because when Man Utd beat Palmeiras 1-0 in 1999, it was known as the Intercontinental Cup. It's been called the World Club Championship since 2005...

What was the team that was first to win the world club championship?

World Cup of what sport? Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, ...

Who is the only footballer to win a world cup and a club championship?

It is Sir Bobby Charlton , with England and with his club Manchester United.

What Is club hockey?

it is not called club it is called travel hockey and it is where you travel around the world playing different teams

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