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Graff, Agassi, Williams

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Q: Who has won all grand slams and olympic tennis?
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Who was the first male Tennis player to win all the four Grand Slams?

Don Budg was the first player who won all the 4 Grand Slams.

Who was the first player to win all the four tennis Grand Slams?

Maureen Connolly of USA won all the 4 Grand Slams in a year in 1953.

What is a slam in the game of tennis?

A slam in pro tennis is winning all four grand slams in a row.

What women have won all four grand slams in a year?

No woman has won all 4 grand slams in one year but Rod Laver did twice. Sorry to Disagree but Steffi Graph did a Golden Slam in 1988, All 4 Grand Slams and an Olympic gold medal.

Can you name all the tennis tournements?

grand slams: wimbledon us openaustralian open french open

Has any player won all four grand slams in one year?

steffi graf won that in 1988 ...all four major slams plus olympic gold...

How many individual tournaments make up the grand slam of tennis?

The Grand Slam of tennis is considered to be any of the 4 Grand Slam championships (Wimbledon, Roland Garros, Australian Open and US Open). A Year Slam is when you win the 4 in the same year. A surface Slam is when you win at least one championship in all of the surfaces. A carrer slam is when you win the 4 grand Slams throughout your career although not in the same year. An Olympic Slam is when you win throughout your career the 4 Slams and the Olympic Gold medal.

List prize money for all tennis grand slams?

There are about four tennis grand slams in the world. The Australian Open is worth $33 million, Wimbledon is worth $42.4 million, the French Open is $34.5 million while the US Open is $34 million.

How many grand slams tennis did Fred perry win?

Check out all Slams winers at :- 1877 up to today (Murray for USA 2008) Dave Paterson

What men have won all four grand slams in one year?

Tennis Bon Budge (1938), Rod Laver (1962, 1969)

Who is won all 4 tennis grand slams?

I'm pretty sure it's Roger Federer.Look it up on Google just to be sure.

What country tennis is been played?

Pretty much all of the countries, considering that the Grand Slams take in the best players from each country in the world.

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