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a grand slam. it represents the four largest events of the season. wimbledon, us open and two others. to win a grand slam, you must win all four. so only 1 grand slam is available per year.

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Q: How many grand slams available for tennis?
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How many tennis grand slams do Serena Williams have?

17 grand slams wow

How many grand slams are there in tennis?


How many tennis open in a year?

4 grand slams

How many grand slams has martina navratilova won in tennis?

Martina Navratilova has won 59, yes fifty nine grand slams in her tennis career. She won 18 grand slam singles titles. She has won 31 doubles titles. Finally she has won 10 mixed doubles titles for a grand total of 59 grand slams in her tennis career.

How many grand slams has Chris Evert won in Tennis?


How many grand slams titles did Pete Sampras win in his tennis career?

he won 14 grand slam,s in his tennis career!

How many grand slams has Martina Navratilova had?

Martina Navratilova has won many grand slams. As of this date she has 18 Grand Slam women's titles and 31 major women's double titles. Her tennis career has spanned decades and she is very well thought of in the tennis community.

How many grand slams tennis did Fred perry win?

Check out all Slams winers at :- 1877 up to today (Murray for USA 2008) Dave Paterson

How many women have won a tennis grand slam?

There are at least 3 who have won singles calendar Grand Slams: Steffi Graf, Margaret Court and Mo Connolly. Court has also won doubles Grand Slams.

How many Grand Slams are played in professional tennis?

(4 ) US Open,Austrialian Open,Wimbeldon,France Open

How many grand slams did Jackie Robinson hit?

two grand slams

How many grand slams nadal won?

Nadal has won 14 grand slams.

How many tennis titles had Helen Wills?

Helen Wills Moody won 31 Grand Slams between 1923 to 1938.

How many grand slams did bjรถrn borg have?

5 in a row. I think that this is clearly the worlds best tennis player. (Not in modern time ofcourse)

Who holds the mariners career record for grand slams and how many?

who holds the mariners career record for grand slams how many

How many grand slams did Arthur Ashe win?

Arthur Ashe won three grand slams.

How many grand slams has nadAl won this year?

2 grand slams (as on 5 July 2010)

Who is the best female tennis player on current WTA tour?

Serena Williams is ranked number one, and is the player to have won the most grand slams on the WTA tour at the moment. So, in my opinion, she is the best. But, Steffi Graf (a retired player) has won many more grand slams than Serena.

How many Grand Slams has Bjorn Borg won?

Bjorn Borg has won 11 Grand Slams in his carrier.

How many grand slams does Venus Williams have?

as of the Australian Open 2010, Venus Williams has 20 Grand Slams. 7 Women's Singles Slams, 11 Women's Doubles Slams and 2 Mixed Slams.

How many grand slams has Andre ethier hit?

Andre ethier has hit 2 grand slams so far

How many grand slams has rafa won?

Rafael Nadal has Won 9 Grand Slams!

How many grand slams has Andre Agassi won until he retired?

He won eight grand slams and a gold medal in the Olympics

How many grand slams does albert pujols have?

As of 04AUG09, Albert Pujols has 11 career grand slams. That is the most by any St. Louis Cardinal in history. So far, he has 5 grand slams in the 2009 season.

How many grand slams has sharapova won?

Sharapova has won 3 grand slams Wimbledon 2004 US 2006 Australian 2008