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uconn womens team had a 87 game win streak

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Q: Who has the current longest home win streaks in college basketball?
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What are the longest current home winning streaks for NCAA basketball?

Kansas (64 home wins as of 12.02.10)

What NHL teams have the longest current sellout streaks?


What are the top 10 longest home winning streaks in college basketball?

as of 12/02/2010, Kansas has the longest current home winning streak at 64 games. Current (prior to KU's win against UCLA as of this writing) can be found at For all-time streaks, here is a quasi answer, but Kentucky IMHO should have an asterisk as they have a history of being less than honorable during these years.

What are the current longest streaks of winning seasons by a NCAA football team?

Auburn 18

What are the longest current streaks for NBA consecutive sellout games?

portland they have like 800

What are the longest running sellout streaks in college basketball?

Duke has sold out 339 consecutive home games through the end of the 2011-12 season. Source: Duke Basketball Game Notes issued by Duke Athletic Department

Which college football teams have the longest current losing streaks in each division?

Longest College Football Losing StreaksAs of Oct. 2013, Southern Miss. has the longest losing streak at 0-18 & It extends back to 2 years ago (Starting in 2012-13 school year). New Mexico has the 2nd.

What are the Braves longest losing streaks?


Who has the longest winning streak in girls junior varsity high school basketball?

The longest winning streak by a junior varsity basketball girls team was 80 strait games by a school in Akron, Ohio. It is worthy to consider that many schools do not report these streaks for this level, so there could be an unreported streak that is higher.

Which college basketball team has the greatest home field advantage?

Phog Allen Fieldhouse, home to the Kansas Jayhawks, is widely regarded as the hardest place to play in all of college basketball. The Jayhawks own a a number of notable home winning streaks including a 55-game streak that ended in 1988, a 31-game streak that ended in 2006, and they own the longest home winning streak since 1992 of 69 straight wins, which ended in 2011.

Who has the Longest running sellout streaks in college women's sports? The longest women's college sellout streak belongs to Nebraska's volleyball team. 164 consecutive sellouts as of December 3, 2011 and the streak will continue when the 2012 season starts.

What are the longest current streaks for NCAA basketball tournament appearances?

The longest streak is held by the University of North Carolina with 27 straight appearances in the NCAA tourney from 1975 (the first year that competition allowed more than one team from a conference to get a guaranteed bid) to 2001-the longest such streak in tournament history. Other streaks including the 2010 NCAA tournament, are Kansas (21)*, Duke (15), Michigan State (13), Gonzaga (12) Texas (12) Wisconsin (12), Pittsburgh (9). *Kansas missed the tournament in 1989 due to NCAA probation but have not missed the tournament in a normal season since 1983. Arizona has the second longest streak at 25 until 2010 when they failed to make the tournament.

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